Pursuant to Part V Section 35 of the Universities Act 2012, Part IV Section 23 of the Kibabii University Charter, 2015 and Kibabii University Statutes 2019, the University invites applications from suitably qualified applicants for the following vacant positions:

S/NoDesignationScaleAdvert No.No. of Posts
1.Associate Professor (Educational Communication and Technology (Religious Education))Scale 14KIBU/ACA/8/ 20201
2.Associate Professor  (Mathematics Education)Scale 14KIBU/ACA/9/ 20201
3.Senior Lecturer (Marketing)Scale 13KIBU/ACA/10/ 20201
4.Senior Lecturer (Nursing)Scale 13KIBU/ACA/11/ 20201
5.Senior Lecturer (Literature)Scale 13KIBU/ACA/12/ 20201
6.Lecturer (Environmental Science)Scale 12KIBU/ACA/13/ 20201
7.Lecturer (Biological Sciences/Zoology)Scale 12KIBU/ACA/14/ 20201
8.Lecturer (Nursing)Scale 12KIBU/ACA/15/ 20201
9.Lecturer (Organic Chemistry)Scale 12KIBU/ACA/16/ 20201
10.Lecturer (Molecular Biology/Genetics)Scale 12KIBU/ACA/17/20201
11.Lecturer (Cooperative Management)Scale 12KIBU/ACA/18/ 20201
12.Lecturer (Physics)Scale 12KIBU/ACA/19/ 20201
13.Lecturer (Strategic Management)Scale 12KIBU/ACA/20/ 20201
14.Lecturer (History)Scale 12KIBU/ACA/21/ 20201
15.Tutorial Fellow (Physics Education)Scale 11KIBU/ACA/22/ 20201
16.Lecturer (Entrepreneurship)Scale 12KIBU/ACA/23/ 20201
17.Tutorial Fellow (Sociology of Education)Scale 11KIBU/ACA/24/ 20201
18.Tutorial Fellow (Human Resource Management)Scale 11KIBU/ACA/25/ 20201
19.Tutorial Fellow (Computer Education)Scale 11KIBU/ACA/26/ 20201
Sub-Total 19
20.Finance OfficerScale 15KIBU/ADM/2/ 20201
21.Deputy Chief Medical OfficerScale 14KIBU/ADM/3/ 20201
22.Deputy Chief Legal Officer/ Council SecretaryScale 14KIBU/ADM/4/ 20201
23.Assistant Registrar (Human Resource)Scale 12KIBU/ADM/5/ 20201
Grand Total23