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Message from Director, Research, Consultancy and Extension

The University’s vision, mission and core values demonstrate the importance placed upon Research, Consultancy and Extension activities within the University. Indeed, one of the major functions of the University is to “participate in the research, transmission and preservation and enhancement of knowledge and to stimulate the intellect participation of students in the economic, social, cultural, scientific and technological development of Kenya”.

To actualize this broad vision, the University established the Directorate of Research, Consultancy and Extension (RC&E) within the Academics Division with the following


  • Establish a framework for quality research
  • Develop and sustain research and publication culture
  • Implement research findings
  • Establish links with local and international partner institutions
  • Develop mechanisms to undertake consultancy activities and extensions services


To realize these objectives set for research, consultancy and extension, the following strategies will be employed:-

  • Promote the role of the University as a primary source of research through exchange programmes and strong university-industry linkages
  • Utilize the skills of the University staff to undertake all forms of research that contribute to the advancement of knowledge, cultural and social development, preservation of the environment and economic growth by employing qualified researchers
  • Develop portfolios of research that are of county, national and international relevance by training of research teams on proposal development and dissemination of research findings at country and national level
  • Maintain cohesive plans and effective management policies and practices that foster excellence, support individual projects and thematic research, encourage interfaculty research co-operation, and ensure the highest ethical standards and quality in research and creative work through seminars and workshops
  • Work to increase external funding and support for research and creative work through publicity and writing proposals for funding
  • Protect, develop and exploit the intellectual property developed in the University by implementing the Intellectual Property Rights policy
  • Promote research-based learning and enhance scholarship by reviewing the curriculum
  • Place a high priority on excellence in research and innovation through recognition and reward systems
  • Increased admission of staff and students through marketing and provision of scholarships
  • Promote research teams and collaborative partnerships with other tertiary institutions, research institutions, public agencies and the private sector, at the county level, national level and internationally through linkages and extension
Priority Areas for Research, Consultancy and Extension

The University Research, Consultancy and Extension services shall focus, but not limited to the following areas:

  • Health;
  • Education;
  • Agriculture;
  • Water Resources;
  • Environmental Conservation and Management;
  • Weather and Climate;
  • Technological Innovations and Applications;
  • Industry;
  • Business;
  • Services among others.
On going Research

Research: To demonstrate its commitment to research, the University has deliberately funded an on-going research project on the “Origin and Development of Kibabii University” This is an initiative of the college to bring to light and document its origin and history as an institution.
We remain vigilant for Research opportunities because we believe we have the necessary capacities and competencies, particularly in the aforementioned areas.

Department News and Events

Institutional Research Ethics Committee Training

Kibabii University participates in Institutional Research Ethics Committee (IREC) Training organized by NACOSTI to equip members of IREC from various academic, research and biomedical institutions with information and skills on how to

NRF Capacity Building Training

Kibabii University sponsored three researchers led by Dr. P. Obino, Director Research Consultancy and Extension to attend a three day NRF capacity building training for Researchers and Innovators at Universities,