Message from Head of Catering Department

Kibabii University Catering services, we have three sections that is:

1. The student catering services
2. Snack bar
3. The guest house

These units are managed by dedicated professionals who includes Catering Officer, Assistant Catering Officers, Senior Cateress, Cateresses, Head Cooks, Cooks, Dining Hall Checkers and Kitchen Attendants

The Student Catering Services

It is located next to the university Library and the students hostels, the kitchen is equipped with modern kitchen equipments that can cater for more than 4000 students at ago, the staff ensures that the cyclic menu in place is adhered to and meals are prepared in a hygienic and professional manner they also ensure that the students get variety of dishes and a well balanced diet.

Service Time
6:30am to 7:30am
11:45am to 2:30pm
5:30pm to 7:30pm

Students are able to enjoy variety of meals at pocket friendly prices, that is a minimum of kshs15 and maximum of kshs50 during lunch and supper.

The Snack Bar

The snack bar is located next to the multipurpose hall it offers excellent cuisine in and A’la’carte snack menu the clientele includes staff, outsiders and students for take away services.
The menu offers beverages both hot and cold and variety of snack. It operates Monday to Friday from 8am to 4 pm.

The University Guest House

The Guest house is located next to the staff houses, we offer cuisine in table d’hôte and A’la’carte menu. Our services are offered to staff in meetings and other University functions, we also offer outside Catering Services to the outsiders, weddings and the County Government of Bungoma we hire out tents, plastic chairs and chafing dishes among other things. It operates from Monday to Friday from 8am to 4 pm and sometimes operates during weekends and public holidays when need be.

Future Plans for Catering Department

We intend to add more activities in the existing facilities to increase productivity and maximize profits by furnish the Guest house to offer other services such as accommodation and conference facilities and expand the snack Bar into a restaurant and take away cafeteria. We also intend to open up a bakery, manufacturing unit that will produce detergents to be used in our kitchens and Dining areas, laundry and dry cleaners services within the University.


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