Christian Union

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Kibabii University Christian Union was founded back in 2012 by a group of born again brothers and sister,it started as a prayer group held in Hostel 2 room 95 which was composed of four members. It conducted its first interdenominational service on 18th March 2012.The first executive board was formed and it served for a duration of three years till the transition that was done on 30th March 2014. The congregation grew as more students joined the university in 2012 and the later years .Today the union has grown and it has a population of about 600 members and all thanks and glory is unto the Lord


Hockey Club

Clubs & Societies

In the year 2013, the Kibabii University hockey club (Blak Rhinos) was established by likeminded young individuals, with the love for hockey and desire to provide a suitable place for upcoming young hockey players, to enjoy hockey and sharpen their talents and skills in the best possible environment under the management of hockey addicted individuals.

The aim of the team was also to occupy the youthful minds with positive activity to eradicate alcoholism, substance abuse, criminal activities, empower the youths plus high school, college and university alumni for leadership in the community.

Joining the Club

We are one of the largest, proudest, and most socially active clubs in the University, We train every Evening. Whilst you may not be spending every day of your week playing hockey, the club will make you feel like your university career is defined by your participation in this society. We’re looking for hockey lovers who are looking to be a part of the KIBABII UNIVERSITY HOCKEY CLUB (KUHC) on and off the field.

We train hard, we play hard, and we aim to make your time at KIBABII UNIVERSITY HOCKEY CLUB (KUHC) unforgettable.