Mrs. Margret Waithaka
Ag. Hostels Officer
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The Hostel Department operates under Kibabii University–ISO 9001-2008 Based Quality Management System which states that Kibabiii University is committed to providing quality teaching, research and extension services to students

Kibabii University offers students the convenience of living on campus, forming life changing relationships with student, faculty and staff and be exposed to a variety of activities and leadership opportunities!
Located in the heart of the campus, Kibabii hostels is a home to 1500 +students.The Hostel Department offers a variety of amenities that will aid the students in their academic endeavors. Our Residence Halls are equipped with, study tables, wardrobes, smoke sensors and laundry rooms.

Our staff is committed to providing the safest living environment as well as offering a variety of programs that will help students get exposed to social and academic pursuits.

Student Leadership

Residence Representative is the student governing body for Housing. This student run organization is committed to advocating for policies and procedures that cater to the needs of all residence as well as coordinating community wide programming that help students become involved within housing.

First Year Students

First year college life can be challenging and rewarding. To help first year students' transition well, there are additional policies and procedures set in place to help. First year students are given a priority for accommodation


Meal plans are offered by the Catering Department located few steps of the Residence Hall building.

And create value to our stakeholders through:

  • Constituently providing efficient and reliable services to ensure that all segments of our society enjoys their basic rights to education as envisaged by the relevant United Nations protocols, statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • Providing an environment that fosters excellence, safety, motivation, collegiality, teamwork, enthusiasm and empathy among employees.
Room Allocation

Hostels department is under students’ affairs. It assigns rooms giving priority to 1st year students, those with special needs and the rest on first come first serve basis. Privately sponsored students are only considered for special cases or when there is availability of space.

Bed Capacity

We have four hostels on the campus two for ladies and two for male students. Each hostel has 96 rooms and each room accommodates 4 students. We therefore have a total maximum capacity of 1536 bed spaces.


This department has a total of 10 members of staff. This includes a senior housekeeper who is also the acting hostels officer in charge of the department, 3 housekeepers and 6 janitors. This department operates on a 24 hours basis with janitors taking over duties at night. We also oversee the cleanliness of the hostels with the contracted cleaning firm doing actual cleaning of all our hostels. We also undertake any maintenance issue within the halls of residence in liaison with estates department.

Student Discipline

Students order and discipline while residing in the hostels is of a major concern on our part. Each student is given a copy of rules and regulations governing their stay in the halls of residence which they are supposed to follow. Breaking of this rules leads to some penalties including evictions from the halls of residence.

Persons with Disabilities

The department has given considerable attention to persons with disabilities i.e.

  • Rooms are reserved on ground floor near the ablutions and entrances for physically challenged for easy access.
  • Two Special toilets and bathrooms in every hostel are provide
  • Rams are provided in both entrances of the hostel for those on wheelchairs
Community Living
Residential Conduct

All students shall conduct themselves with responsibility and maturity while in residence at the University College and in particular shall strictly observe the following;

  • Share rooms in addition to other facilities of common use. However, it shall be an offence to ‘pirate’ in th
  • University Hostels
  • Admit visitors/students to their rooms only between the hours of 10.00a.m. and 10.00 p.m. and in so doing shall pay due consideration and regard to the conveniences of their roommates
  • Not remove or damage any facility or equipment in their rooms or any other part of the halls
  • Not cook or sell food in the hostels
  • Not conduct business or trade in the halls
  • Not cohabit while in the University College halls of residence
  • Not enter/remain in opposite sex halls of residence/rooms between 10.00 p.m. and 10.00 a.m.
  • Not keep animals

NOTE: Register with the Dean of Students if they are non-residents

Clearance from Halls of Residence

Each student shall be required to surrender room keys at the end of the semester promptly if and when required They have to clear with the respective Housekeepers.

Vocational Residence

All students shall leave the University College premises at the end of every academic session. Permission for vocational residence shall only be granted by the Dean of Students on the advice from the Dean of Faculty that
residence shall be required for the purpose of carrying out an academic assignment or for other reasons approved by the Dean of Students.

Vocational residence shall be in a specified hall and paid for in advance at least two weeks before the start of the vacation.

Hostel Department 2019/2020 Financial Year Performance Contact Self Evaluation Exercise

Hostel Department 2019/2020 Financial Year Performance Contact Self Evaluation ExerciseIn August 2019 the ministry of Education and the Inspectorate of State Corporations negotiated and vetted Kibabii University’s performance contract for the financial year 2019/2020. The contract was cascaded and implemented within the required stipulated framework. The self-evaluation process was carried out from Tuesday 25th August, 2020 to Friday 28th August, 2020, Hostel department was evaluated. Kibabii University has successfully implemented the PC of FY 2019/2020 despite the challenges brought about by the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Hostel Department QMS External Quality Audit based on ISO 9001:2015 Standard 2020

KIBU Undergoing QMS External Quality Audit based on ISO 9001:2015 Standard 2019Kibabii University attained ISO 9001:2015 certification in November, 2019 after a successful certification audit conducted by SGS Kenya Ltd. Surveillance audits are conducted to ensure the University quality management system has continued to fulfill requirements of the certification audit. It is a periodic audit performed by an external auditor to ensure that an organization still meets ISO standard requirements SGS Kenya external auditor, Mr. Jared Ogutu conducted a surveillance audit virtually from 4th to 5th August, 2020. Hostel Department was sampled.

The objectives of the audit were to determine conformity of the management system, or parts of it with audit criteria and its: ability to ensure applicable statutory, regulatory and contractual requirements are met; effectiveness to ensure the client can reasonably expect to achieve specified objectives, and ability to identify as applicable areas for potential improvement.

Hostel Department Orientation of 2019/2020 First Year Students

2019/2020 first year students during Hostel department orientation forum led by Mrs. Margret Waithaka, Hostels Officer, Kibabii University. Students were introduced to hostel staff, functions, services and procedures. Emphasis was give on clean hostel and its facilities. The event took place on 12th September, 2019 in Auditorium C

Hostel Department Orientation of 2019/2020 First Year Students

Hostel Department Orientation of 2019/2020 First Year Students

Site Inspection for Proposed Women Hostels

Kibabii University Vice Chancellor Professor Ipara Odeo, Milicon’s Limited Project Manager QS Mary Gichuki with user department inspecting the ongoing women hostel project in the University on 7th June, 2019. Various fittings including access doors were approved to enable contractors deliver the project as scheduled

Site Inspection for Proposed Women Hostels

Site Inspection for Proposed Women Hostels

Site Inspection for Proposed Women Hostels

Online Room Booking for Continuing Students 2017/2018 Academic Year

Residents who’d wish to get University accommodation are advised to make reservations for the same via their Portals. Rooms will be allocated on first come first serve basis.

Note: Limited spaces available.

Hostel Block 3

Hostel Comfort

The hall of residence is well designed for occupants comfort, reading tables, wardrobes, well light rooms , spacious corridors and stair cases
Hostel Comfort


General cleanliness and maintenance of the Hall is done regularly, dust bins are located in every floor for collection and disposal of litter

Clothe Line

Inside the Hall of residence has the clothe line, dobby sinks, washroom and toilets
clothe lines

Hostel Block 2

Hostel block two for male students has a capacity of 384 occupants, extra water tanks have been installed to in the hall
Hostel Block 2

24 Hours Service

The Hostel Department offers a 24 hours service to residence, Housekeepers work during the day while the Janitors over the night. The Hall consists various amenities for residence comfort which include dobby sinks , clothe lines, laundry areas
24 Hours Service

Shower Rooms

Shower rooms in the hall s of residence
Shower Rooms

Hostel Block 3

Front view oh Hostel Block 3. The hostel has a capacity of 384 occupants, maximum of four per room.

Hostel Block 3