There is a whole large world out there that many of us know nothing about. It’s the world of information technology and computer science, a growing interest for many people who think computing and technology is fun and interesting. Well, if you are a fan of computer science and information technology, then you should rejoice.


This is because Kibabii University Informatics club (KUI), provides a platform for both Computer Science (CS) and Information Technology (IT) students to be able to grasp the upcoming technology that is the digital world. Members of the club are service-minded students, interested in helping others, making the school and society be a better place to live. This technology is in many aspects which include; programming, web design, mobile application, and desktop application among others.

The club’s concern is creating a platform for members’ exposure to the industries which may lead to job opportunities and industrial attachment, one among the many club’s objectives. KUI thus caters not only for the present but also for the future of its member’s .Leaders play a very vital role in the club and this is seen by the KUI leadership, who deliver their vision into reality.

As we are living in a society which is exquisitely dependent on computing and technology, KUI helps in advancing technology. Remember, Philip Green stated that “Good, bad or indifferent if you are not investing in new technology today, then you will be left behind.” All that said and done, those of you who would love to walk this path of computing and innovating in technology, KUI welcome you to join us.