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Swearing In Ceremony of the 7th Students’ Organization of Kibabii University (SOKU)

The 7th Students’ Organization of Kibabii University (SOKU) leaders took oaths of office on April 3rd, 2024, overseen by the University Legal Officer, Ms. Jacqueline Wanjala. Senior members of the University Management and Kibabii University Electoral Commission (KEC) board members were also present to witness the occasion. The Senior University Management comprised of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (DVC), Administration, Finance, and Development, Prof. Donald Siamba (representing the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Isaac Ipara Odeo), Ag. DVC, Planning, Partnerships, Research, and Innovation, Prof. Munir Muganda, and Ag. DVC, Academic and Students’ Affairs, Prof. Stanley Mutsoso. Also present was the Dean of Students, Dr. Benson Nasongo.

While taking the oath, each of the newly elected SOKU officials swore to uphold, protect, and defend the rights of the students and to perform the functions of their respective offices faithfully and conscientiously with due diligence and competence, without fear, favor, hatred, hindrance, or prejudice. The new leaders thanked the outgoing leadership for their excellent and dedicated service to KIBU students and for ensuring a smooth transition of leadership.

The outgoing SOKU President, Dennis Baraka, lauded Kibabii University for being an institution that respects the rights and freedoms of students and thanked the university management for ensuring that the electoral process was free and fair. He urged students to always maintain peace during elections in order to strengthen their unity.

The incoming SOKU President, Phillipe Silali, urged the student body to put aside their political differences and work together for the good of the students. He noted that politics was over and it was high time to embark on the service of students. Silali highlighted some of the key areas that his government intended to focus on, such as addressing issues with water, security, and sports.

The Dean of Students, Dr. Benson Nasongo, thanked the university management for ensuring that the elections were well-funded and conducted. He also thanked the KEC, led by Dr. Ben Nyongesa, and the SEC, led by John Wabuka, for working tirelessly to ensure the fruition of the elections. Dr. Nasongo noted that it is always a very satisfying moment for any Dean of Students to see the student election process successfully completed and new leaders finally taking office.

The KEC Chairperson, Dr. Ben Nyongesa, congratulated the new SOKU leadership and wished them all the best in their journey to serve the KIBU students’ fraternity. Also gracing the occasion were student leaders from Rongo University who traveled all the way from Rongo as a sign of solidarity with their KIBU counterparts on this momentous occasion.

The Ag. DVC, PPRI, and Prof. Munir Muganda congratulated and reminded the new student leaders that the task ahead of them is not about positions but service to students. He assured them that the PPRI division would offer the leadership its full support to fulfill its mandate. The Ag. DVC, ASA, Prof. Stanley Mutsotso, expressed his joy on behalf of the ASA division that the election process was concluded successfully and that new leaders were now in office. He thanked the Student Affairs Department, KEC, and SEC for ensuring a successful electoral process. Prof. Mutsotso congratulated the new office bearers and urged them to emulate the outgoing SOKU leadership that worked very well with the University Management for the good of comrades.

Speaking on behalf of the Vice Chancellor, the DVC, Administration, Finance, and Development, congratulated the incoming team for taking office. He assured the new leadership of the full support of the University Management and reminded the incoming SOKU President that he would now be part of the decisions that will be made by Management affecting students since he will sit on the University Senate, hence the need for him to be strategic in his leadership.


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