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New KIBU Alumni Association Officials Sworn into Office

Kibabii University Alumni Association on Friday, May 14, 2021 held her long awaited election that was meant to cement the leadership realm in a bid to place the Association in action after being in limbo for years since the time the University was still a Constituent College of Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (MMUST).

The lowly attended election attracted minimal competition, with only one position, the Chairmanship of the Association, attracting three aspirants, Mr. Wekola Billy, Mr. Mosioma Elijah and Mr. Tonny Barasa with the latter stepping down the last minute. Mr. Billy Wekola won the Chairman position with 19 votes against his opponent Mr. Mosioma Elijah who garnered 2 votes.

The exercise conducted under the stewardship of the Chairman of Electoral Commission Prof. Samuel Mbugua was conducted under strict adherence to the Ministry of Health protocols that were reinforced with help of the security personnel.

The peak of the exercise culminated into a swearing in ceremony on Monday 14th June, 2021 to inaugurate a term of 3 years for the elected officials.

While attending the event, the Ag. Deputy Vice chancellor (Academic & Student Affairs) Prof. Stanley Mutsotso expressed the commitment of the University Management in ensuring the Alumni Association realized a proper footing in the University structures. He lauded the Office of Career Services for the efforts put in to ensure the first Alumni body was in place through a successful election exercise.

The Vice Chancellor Prof. Isaac Ipara Odeo who graced the occasion was elated by the milestone Kibabii University had achieved since award of Charter in 2015.

“Alumni Association is central to any University in the world. This is the foundation and of what any institution will be known for,” he said.

He challenged the new leaders to play a role in impacting on the current students through sustainable initiatives of resource mobilization.

“This is an important role that has been bestowed unto you. You must therefore perform your duties and act beyond reproach. We are counting on your network, effort, energy and sacrifice to see this University in the international map,” Prof. Ipara remarked.


Billy Wekola
Yvonne Kariuki
Vice Chairperson
Allan Masiza
Dr. Daniel Otanga
Secretary General
Blasio Omulama
Deputy Secretary General
Dennis Barasa
Special Interest
Enock Imani
Resource Mobilization
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