Kibabii University

Matanda Laban Kimoi

Matanda Laban Kimoi2

I am honored to have graduated from Kibabii University with a postgraduate diploma in education. This institution stays abreast of technological advancements and curriculum changes, embracing initiatives like STEM and CBC. Moreover, it fosters research training and scholarships, benefiting numerous scholars.

Kibabii University’s mission revolves around cultivating a global mindset, ensuring high graduation rates, and prioritizing student-centric education. Committed to aligning with the government’s strategic directions, the university strives to contribute significantly to national agendas.

For me, Kibabii University epitomized progressiveness, providing a supportive environment that champions professionalism and a sense of belonging. It’s where I truly thrived, shaping me into who I am today. Here’s to the School of Postgraduate Studies and the exceptional leadership of Dr. Robert Kati—long live Kibabii University.

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