Kibabii University

Linet Nafula Nabutola

Linet Nafula Nabutola

My journey to study in Kibabii University as a student mother of two, a business owner and a wife almost did not happen. I finished my form four studies in 2002 but did not proceed to college due to financial constraints. Even though I was doing business i always felt something was missing from my life so i went back to school in 2012, ten years after finishing high school. The main reason I did this was my passion for education and to be an inspiration to my children.

During my undergraduate years, I felt drained by the emotional and physical strain that came because of staying away from my family. Having stayed away long after my form four also did not help, it paused its own set of challenges. The syllabus had undergone a lot of changes plus I was much older than the rest of my class Mets. I felt like quitting on several occasions but I want to give credit to my lecturers at Kibabii University. They encouraged me a lot and monitored my progress. This gave me the strength and determination to carry on.

Despite this challenges I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Education Arts, Kiswahili/ Religion, Second Class Honours Upper division. I also had other engagements as an undergraduate including running the Students’ elections, participating in the Careers and Cultural week activities and volunteering for the local community as the chairperson of the Malakisi Business Community.

I have since obtained my Master’s degree in Religion from Kibabii University and am looking forward to starting my Phd as soon as possible. Studying as a student mother has been challenging but worth it and my children are all grown and well. I now work as an Administrative Assistant in the Office of the Dean of students and a founding member of the Kibabii University Alumni Association.

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