Kibabii University

KIBU Student Leaders attend Arusha Conference

Kibabii University Student Leaders accompanied by the Dean of Students Dr. Alice Chemutai attended the 4th East African Student Leaders Conference organized and hosted by the Global Students Integrity Centre, which was held at Nelson Mandela Institute of Science & Technology (NMIST), Arusha -Tanzania from February 21st – 25th, 2022. The Global Students Integrity Centre is an organization committed to Mentoring students ethically with the goal of nurturing and transforming young people particularly students, in universities, colleges and secondary schools across the region. This year’s theme was “Leveraging on Student Leaders Potential – Student Leaders at the Mid-point of Regional Integration” and sought to, among other things, focus on initiatives that address the social and economic needs of vulnerable and marginalized students; address equity, inclusion and social justice and respond to the call by the youth to promote their own development and solve their problems while making significant contributions to the improvement and integration of their individual countries and of the East African Community.


 The following are some of the sub-themes discussed in the Conference:

  1. Ethical Leadership: Youth and Integrity
  2. Benefits of a cohesive and integrated EAC region
  3. Neo-Colonialism: How Africans under develop Africa
  4. Role of media and student leaders in national discourse
  5. East Africa Value Systems
  6. EAC community: are we better on our own or stronger together?
  7. Developing sustainable economic projects for students as a response to unemployment
  8. Who are the mentors that young people should look up to?
  9. Music as our uniting factor: have leaders left the role of unification to celebrities
  10. Exploiting talents, honing skills among the youth
  11. Cultural diversity: preserving the African culture in the face of civilization and modernization?
  12. Language as a symbol of unity for the East African Community
  13. Meeting the increasing demand for student mental health services: Depression, stress management and relationships.
  14. Drugs and substances abuse amongst university students
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