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KIBU Hosts Annual Community Outreach Workshop

Kibabii University’s Community Outreach Committee on 23rd June, 2021 hosted the Community Outreach Workshop themed; Food security, Safety enhancement Governance, Environmental protection and Procurement process. The annual workshop brings together community opinion leaders with the aim of shaping and improving the relationship between the University and the community.

Vice Chancellor Prof. Isaac Ipara Odeo officiated the workshop saying that the relationship between the community and the University was vital, adding that the University was a tool for giving birth to ideas which were meant to not only benefit the University but the community at large. The VC urged the community to keep supporting the University while protecting the good image the Institution has strived to achieve and uphold.


We are proud of our contribution to the community. So far, we have supported the National Government’s efforts of setting up a police station in the area; whose impact we have already felt for the short time it has existed. Plans are underway to distribute water to needy households in the area by the end of the year,” said Prof. Isaac Ipara.

He went ahead to pronounce the launching of a proposed Kshs. 50 million endowment fund for needy students next month, the fund which will benefit those who are unable to raise school fees.

The one-day workshop gave platform for scholars from various specialties in the University to delve into the theme.


Dr. Kefa Nyende, a Lecturer, Department of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences taught on Food Security and Post-Harvest Management. He noted that food production was poor in low-income countries citing the problem of poor production, storage and processing techniques, adding that 14% of food is lost in this production stage, calling it food loss. Dr. Nyende urged those who practiced maize farming to ensure they dried their maize before consumption.

“Be warned against moisture in stores, this causes aflatoxin and ochratoxins in maize which causes liver and kidney cancer and birth defects. The moisture arises from erratic wet weather,” Nyende concluded.

Dr. Nyongesa Khakina, a Structural Engineer and Lecturer of Renewable Energy in his address said that the only solution to drying maize was the use of solar dryers or consuming cereals which are over three years of natural drying.


He stated that for them to store crops for long, the farmers needed to look for other farming alternatives to get cash. He encouraged them to dive into organic farming which he said was more productive providing food security.

He added that productive farming went hand in hand with conserving the environment. This meant no cutting of trees, bricks burning or waste disposal. H

Another speaker, Dr. Brian Singoro from the School of Business and Economics highlighted the need for national cohesion among communities in the run up to the 2022 General elections. He was speaking on a topic; National Value and Principles of Governance. According to Singoro, integration between the University and the community promotes unity, freedom and core principles of governance and national values. It also enhances development in the community and country at large.


In attendance was Mr. Ben Wanjala the Chair of the Community and Kibabii committee, area chief Mr. Geoffrey Khaemba and the Assistant to the OCS Sergeant Phanuel Injene.

Sergeant Injene called upon the University and the community to team up in fighting crime, urging them to report crime at the earliest opportunity.

He concluded by saying that safety came before all and he and his team were ready to work with both parties to enhance the safety of the students and community.

Kibabii University Community Outreach Committee is seven-member committee chaired by Mr. Mulati Omukoba Nyukuri.

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