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KIBU Donation to Muslim Community in Bungoma County

KIBU Donation to Muslim Community in Bungoma County
Having the power to improve the lives of the people around you is a privilege that comes with its own sense of obligation, it’s a great way to strengthen our own personal values and be true to our own ethical beliefs. Kibabii University strives to have a positive impact on the surrounding communities especially during these trying Covid-19 pandemic times. Such activity was held on the 22nd of August, 2020. KIBU reached out to the needy Muslim Community living around Mjini Estates in Bungoma County. Through this visit, the University donated 600Kg of cooking flour to fifty families. The distribution was done at a ratio of 12 Kilograms per family. Vice Chancellor, Prof. Ipara Odeo encouraged the community on the importance of education, he expounded on how lack of access to education is considered the root of poverty. Not getting an education can lead to a cycle of poverty. The community is blessed to have access to formal education. Such opportunities should be grasped by the community for a better tomorrow. The families appreciated the kind and rare gesture by the Vice-Chancellor to reach out to them with food especially during a hard time of COVID-19 pandemic. The visit was facilitated by Mr. Kassim Shikomere who represented the Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Amin of Bungoma Chemist, Imam Kibabii Mosque and Imam Mjini Mosque.
KIBU Donation to Muslim Community in Bungoma County

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