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KIBU Automation Dream Accomplished in 2019/2020 Academic year

In a move focused at attaining the strategic objectives of expanding, maintaining and improving physical infrastructure and structures Kibabii University started the automation process in the year 2015 by procuring an ERP software with the following modules;

  • Student management & student academics
  • Timetabling
  • Accommodation
  • Integrated finance management
  • Human resource
  • Payroll
  • Staff and staff portal
  • Asset management
  • Procurement and stores.

The above modules have been implemented to an impressive percentage. According to the Director of ICT Services Prof. Samwel Mbuguah, the year 2019 of the automation process was mainly dedicated to ensuring functionality of each module and that each was fully being used and modified where issues arose. For instance, in finance and procurement departments, the online imprest application and online request for items were implemented, tested and fully rolled out for use.

Further, the year 2019/ 2020 saw the numbers of banks with VPN connection to the University ERP increased from three to five. This has enabled real-time bank transactions. Bank reconciliation can now be done within the system after verification of data. The Health module that enables the automation of health managements was also added to the ERP solution during this period. Consequently, the number of services that could be accessed from staff and student portal increased.

During the year an E-platform was set up which has allowed for setting up of a learning management system which when used in conjunction with Google meeting application has allowed for online classes to take place. As a result, too, during this era of COVID-19 meetings within the University have switched to virtual via Google meeting. To upscale the security surveillance and protection of integrity of examination processes, the security monitoring was automated with installation of CCTV system with university.

Going forward, the university plans to fully automate the process of application and admission of new students as well as automation of clearance for exiting staff. “Both modules have been procured and are now at the probationary stage awaiting full implementation,” says Prof. Mbuguah.

KIBU Automation Dream Accomplished in 2019/2020 Academic year

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