Kibabii University

KIBU Annual Community Outreach Workshop educates on Mental Wellness and Entrepreneurship

Kibabii University hosted members of the community on Thursday 27th June, 2024 in a workshop aimed at providing capacity building on entrepreneurship and raise awareness about mental health among local Community-Based Organizations in Bungoma County.

The workshop officially opened by the Ag. DVC (Planning, Partnerships, Research and Innovation) Prof. Munir Muganda attracted various CBOS, including the Lukibia Women’s Group, Lusonga Group, Bakasa Group, and Lumasa Group. The representatives benefitted from various topics addressed by the University lecturers.

Dr. Fred Gichana Atandi, an Entrepreneurship Senior Lecturer from the School of Business and Economics took centre stage in elaborating on social entrepreneurship as a process of continuous realization of opportunities to pursue social innovation and the adaptation of these innovations into social enterprises for further value creation in society. This includes new strategies and ideas that meet social needs such as education, community development, and health, which strengthen civil society.

In her address, another speaker Dr. Tecla Kirwa spoke about the importance of financial records for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). She highlighted that financial records help monitor the growth of businesses, provide a clear picture of the financial health of a business, and form the foundation of sound financial management. She also discussed business assets, business amenities, and the success of one’s business liabilities.

Dr. Pius Mabonga Waswa, the Coordinator of Kabusietow Mental Health CBO, introduced a topic on mental health. He emphasized the meaning and importance of mental health, including its role in planning for the future and maintaining healthier lifestyles.  Additionally, Dr. Leonida Makila, a mental health counselor, highlighted the physical and mental health benefits of mental health. She also discussed the importance of mental health when the brain is not functioning properly and provided tips to overcome depression, such as talking to someone trusted, avoiding isolation, adopting healthy habits, and finding ways to manage stress and anxiety.

The workshop provided valuable insights into entrepreneurship and mental health, contributing to the capacity building of the local community-based organizations in Bungoma County.


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