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Kibabii University Wins Collaborative Research Grant-Strengthening Teacher Mentorship And Support Through School Based In-Service Teacher Training

Kibabii University (KIBU) in conjunction with University of Dar-es-salaam College of Education (DUCE), University of Zambia (UNZA) and HELVETAS Swiss Interco-operation has won a research grant on Strengthening Teacher Mentorship and Support through School Based In-service Teacher Training. The project, funded by IDRC-Canada in collaboration with Global Partnership in Education (GPE) on Knowledge Innovation and Exchange (KIX) and will run from May, 2021 through October, 2023 amounts to CAD 1,084,509.82. The project proposes an innovative practice-oriented teacher training approach through training of expert teachers, who will then introduce inclusive school based teacher training to their respective schools.  The approach is a combination of methods that improve teacher competences (thematic, didactic and pedagogical competence) through peer-to-peer learning, team teaching and model lessons. The other components of the approach are learner-centred teaching and inclusiveness with a focus on participation of all learners independent of their abilities and social background, and with attention for the needs of learners with disabilities and special needs. In line with the IDRC vision, the project is collaborative in nature, employing participatory models of research rather than imposing models from above.

Given the urgent need for competent teachers to play a key role in provision of quality education through better teaching and learning processes, the project anticipates to develop a guiding manual for enhancing mentorship and support of teachers in secondary schools in Sub Saharan Africa. It seeks to address classroom challenges that secondary school teachers in Sub Saharan Africa (SSA) face and can be addressed through mentorship and support. The project will benefit the institution in acquisition of equipment and support doctoral students in their research work, research dissemination and publication.

The team from Kibabii University is led by Prof. Julius. K. Maiyo. Other members include; Dr. Manasi Echaune, Dr. Muniri Muganda, Dr. Tecla Kirwa, Dr. Christine Nabwire Wanyama and Ms. Eddah Khalayi (Project Secretariat).


Prof. Julius. K. Maiyo


Dr. Manasi Echaune


Dr. Muniri Muganda


Dr. Christine Nabwire


Dr. Tecla Kirwa


Ms. Eddah Khalayi

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