Kibabii University

Kibabii University Hosts Annual Quality Assurance and Competence-Based Curriculum Training

Kibabii University was honored to be chosen by the prestigious Kenya Universities Quality Assurance Network (KuQAn) as the venue for its annual Quality Assurance training. The event, held from Wednesday, May 22nd to Friday, May 24th, 2024, convened at the Senate Boardroom, drawing educators and professionals from across the region.

The presence of Prof. Isaac Odeo Ipara, the esteemed Vice Chancellor of Kibabii University, lent significance to the occasion. In his opening address, Prof. Ipara emphasized the importance of Quality Assurance as a continual practice rather than an isolated event. He also expressed gratitude to KuQAn for selecting Kibabii University as the host institution for this vital training initiative.

Throughout the three-day program, a comprehensive range of topics were covered, spanning from internal quality assurance mechanisms to the development of interactive courses using technology. Sessions delved into pertinent issues such as internal self-assessment, quality assurance at the course level, and the integration of ICT in educational quality assurance practices. Moreover, participants engaged in discussions on competence-based education curriculum design, teaching methodologies, assessment strategies, and effective examination setting and marking procedures.

Feedback from attendees echoed a sentiment of satisfaction and appreciation for the training’s depth and relevance. Participants hailed the event as highly productive, underscoring its value in enhancing quality assurance practices within the higher education sector. The success of the training further solidified Kibabii University’s commitment to fostering excellence in academia and pedagogy.


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