Kibabii University

KENET Student Laptop Purchase Program

KENET in partnership with Microsoft Corporation and Intel is pleased to announce the KENET Student Laptop Purchase Program (SLPP). The programme is to provide Kenyan Universities’ students, faculty, and staff (Kibabii University included), with the opportunity to purchase business class laptop computers from multiple vendors at significantly discounted prices. Please use the , and given procedures to access the requirements.


On successful loading and accessing the above website, you will interact with menus for various functionalities.
  1. Under Laptops
  • Laptop Specifications: show specifications pertaining to the available laptops for your choice.
  • Laptops Vendors: the companies selling/vending the laptops. For our case, there are 3 vendors vetted by KENET: (i) Lenox General Supplies, (ii) Computech Ltd., (iii) Moi University.
  • Downloads/Brochures: Gives details of the laptop specifications of your choice including to some extent, pictures of the equipment.
  1. Participating Institutions.
  • Shows all the institutions involved in the programme, Kibabii University included and the level of agreement for each specific institution.
  1. Under Purchasing
  • Purchasing Model: Explains on how to purchase the laptop, (Lease-to-Own or Outright Purchase)
  • Purchasing Guide: Guiding factors when choosing a laptop as per the area of specialization.
  • Financial Partners: List of partner/banks etc., to assist on payment should need arise.
  1. Contact Us.
  • Location of KENET
  1. Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Common questions that might arise from students plus their possible answers.
  1. Login
  • Procedures to follow in registering and booking for a laptop.NB/ Use the Kibabii University email address assigned to you i.e. for students and for faculty and other staff.

Below are the steps for purchasing the laptops.

  1. Create an account at

Please note, the account can only be created using institutional email address.

Click on “Login” and click on “create new account”

  1. View the selected categories of laptops and their specifications available

You can visit “LAPTOP SPECIFICATIONS” menu and select specific category to view their prices.

  1. Click on “book a laptop” to begin the laptop booking process.

This is a step by step process and will guide you till the end,

  1. After booking.

The lists of all devices booked will be processed by KENET and shared with the vendors after 14 days and the vendors will communicate on the payment process and collection.

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