Kibabii University

Dr. Wepukhulu Anne Nekesa

Dr. Wepukhulu Anne Nekesa

I feel lucky to have attended and graduated from Kibabii University for both masters and doctorate in religion. The combination of ambience of the learning environment and dedicated lecturers who have experience makes it an unforgettable educational experience. Looking back at my stay at Kibabii University, it was insightful.

My journey during my PhD was splendid and all kudos to the university for making my studies on religion meaningful. With my 6 years stay here while pursuing both my master’s and doctorate, I would honestly say that if you want to discover your potential and want to be encouraged, there’s no better place than Kibabii University. The dynamic management and lecturers here put their trust in students to the fullest and continuously support them to reach heights.

It was my immense fortune to be part of Kibabii University. The entire faculty of education, Graduate school and social science department leave no stone unturned to shape ones future. Huge respect and love for the entire University as the program’s I went through make me count myself a better professional. Kibabii University has a friendly learning environment which has made the learners to appreciate the quality of training offered as they undergo rigorous programs as stipulated by the University. Specifically, as a PhD student in Religion, I completed my program within a record of three years, the duration stipulated by the University. My sincere gratitude goes to the entire members of social department who were very supportive during my study.

I do specifically thank my supervisors Prof Mutsotso and Dr. Matisi for their tireless efforts in mentoring me. They were always ready and came in handy in providing much needed advise that has seen me this far. They kept me on my toes hence made me realize my goal of graduating on time. I wish to appreciate Dr.Kati, the Dean of SGS and the deviation of his administrative assistant Miss Irine Ambani that made me work within stipulated timelines. They provided timely feedback from the time of writing the proposal to thesis and gave me proper guidance.

Am indebted to the entire Kibabii University management and staff for excellent work that has propelled the university to greater heights. I take this opportunity to congratulate all graduates of the 8th graduation ceremony held in December 2023. May I advise those that attained Bachelor’s degree to move to master’s, those with masters to Ho for PhD and those with PhD to venture into intense research and establish academic linkages as learning is a continuous process. May God bless Kibabii University, may God bless Kenya.

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