In these regulations the term student means a person who is registered as a student of the University during a current academic year for a first or higher degree, diploma, certificate or such other qualifications or courses of the University as may be approved by the Senate as qualifying a person for status of a student, and includes a student of an affiliated institution who is registered for examinations leading to degrees, diplomas, certificates and other academic awards of the University.

The following provisions shall apply with respect to the conduct of students within and outside the University precincts.

General Conduct
a) Respect and adhere to the administrative and academic rules, procedures and structures established by the MMUST Act and Statutes for the control, governance and operations of the University College.
b) Respect the rights and privileges of the members of the University community at all times.
c) Refrain from any conduct that might bring the University or any section or programme thereof into disrepute or public odium.

d) Carry themselves in all public places or forums with such humility and dignity as befits their status as mature and responsible citizens.
e) Wear acceptable and appropriate attire at all times and in particular while attending lectures, practical sessions or at any University functions.
f) Adhere to all Rules and Regulations by various sections of the University College at all times.

Channels of Communication
In the redress of grievances, students shall be expected to go through the laid down channels and procedures as follows:
a) Academic matters: Class representatives, Academic Advisers, Head of Department, Deans of Faculties and Registrar (Academic Affairs) or Dean of Student in that order.
b) Residential matters: Housekeepers/janitor, Hostel Officers, Wardens, Catering and Hostels Manager and Dean of Students in that order.
c) Welfare Matters: Class Representatives, SGC, Wardens and Dean of Students
d) Students and their organizations shall be expected to adhere to the Procedures in (a), (b) and (c) above to ensure prompt processing of their grievances.


All students shall conduct themselves with responsibility and maturity while in residence at the University College and in particular shall strictly observe the following;
a. Share rooms in addition to other facilities of common use. However, it shall be an offence to ‘pirate’ in the University College Hostels
b. Admit visitors/students to their rooms only between the hours of 10.00a.m. and 10.00 p.m. and in so doing shall pay due consideration and regard to the conveniences of their roommates
c. Not remove or damage any facility or equipment in their rooms or any other part of the halls
d. Not cook or sell food in the hostels
e. Not conduct business or trade in the halls
f. Not cohabit while in the University College halls of residence
g. Not enter/remain in opposite sex halls of residence/rooms between 10.00 p.m. and 10.00 a.m.
h. Not keep animals
NOTE: Register with the Dean of Students if they are non-residents