We are gathered here today to celebrate the life of our Hero. Even though we are of different ages and professions, it is certain that we all have one thing in common: our admiration for a man who never quit until the job got done. That man, of course is Prof. Barasa Cleophas Charles Wangila. But fondly and simply referred to as B.C.C. Wangila.

Prof. Wangila was the founding Vice Chancellor of Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology an institution that has incredibly grown to world class level thanks to his unique leadership style. He was also an aquaculturalist of international repute. As Vice Chancellor, he was very instrumental in the establishment of the then Kibabii University College.

Kibabii University remained a dream for many decades until eight years ago. Many of us knew we needed to do something but it was Prof. Wangila who ensured that this University was established in Bungoma County. He saw an opportunity where many saw problems. Since inception, Prof. Wangila contributed immensely towards its growth and ensured that the fledging University overcame the numerous challenges including outright opposition that culminated in long drawn and bitter court battles.
A Tribute to Prof. Barasa Cleophas Charles Wangila
He equally played a key role in ensuring that the structures and systems were in place. Worth mentioning was his role in the recruitment of the University College Management and Staff. He has mentored many scholars and professionals including staff who are now professionals to reckon with in their own disciplines in the service of Kibabii University.

Prof. Wangila was passionate about students and alumni working very closely with them and always going for the voice of reason rather than confrontation. He lent a helping hand to the students leading to the employment of the best pioneer alumni by the University.

Despite the exigencies and responsibilities of his office as a Vice Chancellor, his zeal for education was evident in his desire to get it right the very first time by creating time for classroom interaction with young scholars especially in the area of genetics.

On behalf of the University Council, University Management Board, Senate, Faculty, Staff and Students and the entire Kibabii University fraternity and on my own behalf, I wish to appreciate the efforts of a man of action not just words for rallying together many people to realize the Kibabii University dream.

Prof. Wangila was indeed a Hero in leadership, academics and Social life.

Fare thee well Prof. B.C.C. Wangila!!

By Prof. Isaac Ipara Odeo, VICE CHANCELLOR

A Tribute to Prof. Barasa Cleophas Charles Wangila

A Tribute to Prof. Barasa Cleophas Charles Wangila