Kibabii University

2022 UNIV Leaders Youth Project Kenya Tours KIBU

On Monday 29th August, 2022, a delegation of Korean university students visited Kibabii University for implementation of projects in mind education, consciousness enhancement to tackle youth sex and drug problems. The projects dubbed “WEKEN projects” were geared towards the prevention of sexual violence and prevention of pregnancy and AIDS among female adolescents in several counties in Kenya. Kibabii University was selected as one of the pilot stations for the project.

Under the motto “my small ideas change the world”, the projects have established a movement for university students in order to organize and address programmes to address youth problems and provide realistic solutions. The solutions have been discussed and planned with the advice of many leaders including Ministers of Youth, Vice Chancellors, Professors and Principals.


The one-day event brought together Kibabii University student leaders and other members of the students’ community with interests in foreign languages and martial arts where they exchanged ideas, cultures and experiences between the two countries of South Korea and Kenya. The visitors relished the “luhya” music and delicacies served under the auspices of the Students and Academic Affairs Division.

The WEKEN project is spearheaded by International Youth Fellowship (IYF), a non-governmental organization (NGO), non-charitable youth service organization which brings together colleges and university students with more than 105 networks all over the world.


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