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2017 Cultural Week Count Down

The Kibabii Beauty Queens

The clock hand is ticking and the time is moving, the British say “Time is money” but to the Kibabii University beauty Queens “Time is Beauty”. It is only three days to the big day, the day to define the real meaning of the word ‘beauty’. Once again the stunning ones will have a chance to prove themselves in the eyes of the beholders.

The modelling contestants are engaging in exhaustive training ahead of the pageantry night which is scheduled to be held on Friday.

According to Chizi, the outgoing Miss Jumbo, there are two modeling categories for ladies, that is the standard size and the plus size categories. For the standard size, the contestants are supposed to be at least five (5) feet tall and at most 60kgs of weight. On the other hand the plus size category, just as the name dictates requires one to have a “Plus” body size.

Miss Kibabii University (Standard size category) which is regarded as the most prestigious title in the campus and therefore the hotly contested for, has so far attracted 8 contestants. The contenders will be required to show their creativity in dressing code, stage movements, leadership qualities, intelligence among other aspects.

Other categories that are expected to be held on the Pageantry night include; men’s standard size (Mr. Kibabii) and the plus size (Mr. Flex).

By Chumba Barno
2017 Cultural Week Count Down

2017 Cultural Week Count Down

The Agikuyu Culture

As the D-day approaches, students at Kibabii University are in the last minutes preparation for the cultural week which is scheduled from 10th to 14th May 2017.

Students who belong to the Agikuyu community, which hail from the slopes of Mt. Kenya are engaging in serious preparations for the day.

Mr. Daniel Ngoroge stated that the Agikuyu community same as other highlands Bantu speakers originated from Congo forest near Cameroon. According to him, the community migrated in search of land to cultivate and greener pasture and water for their livestock. They now occupy the Mt. Kenya and Aberdares (Nyandarua) region. The highland Bantu speakers include; Agikuyu, Aembu, Mbeere and Chuka.

The spokesperson promised that the community is prepared to give a breathtaking performance. “We are going to stage a performance that has never been seen before. For us third years and fourth years this is going to be our last presentation, and we want to perform something that will remain in the minds of the audience. We also want to leave something for our younger brothers to learn from.”

Mr. Ngoroge welcomed the whole Kibabii University to witness as them present a folk song entitled Nguci ni ngucucu, an entertainment song entitled karedi and a youth song entitled Kinada. The community cherishes agriculture hence Mr. Ngoroge promised that food and traditional drinks will be in plenty. “Apart from the songs and dances we are also going to have food and drinks in plenty, food such as Mukimo (combination of Irish potatoes and pumpkin leaves), we will also have nduma (arrow roots) and ngwashe (sweet potatoes).” The community is also prepared to present traditional drinks which include ucoro mugagato (sour porridge) and Muratina (local brew).

The spokesperson lauded the institution for having the cultural week as it present  an opportunity to everyone to mingle and socialize with other communities therefore appreciating the diversity of our cultures and heritage hence promoting national integration and unity.  Agikuyu community wishes Kibabii University an entertainment filled cultural week.

By Samwel Oyondi
2017 Cultural Week Count Down

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