Identified Risk
Action Taken
Evidence of Action Taken
Role conflict
  • Sensitize staff to adhere to the procedure for communication
  • Training of staff on effective communication
  • Clear job descriptions for staff
  • Continuous Induction of newly appointed staff
Reputation risk
  • Sensitize and train staff to adhere to the policies, regulations and procedures that govern operations in the University
Loss/damage of records
  • Sensitize and train staff on record management
  • Backups
  • Installation of antiviruses and fire walls
  • Passwords and encryption of documents
  • Request for procurement of appropriate storage facilities
Loss of equipment
  • Ensure security of offices and buildings by locking and engaging security guards
  • Increasing security surveillance
  • Branding of equipment
Injury and loss of lives
  • Training and sensitization of staff on disaster preparedness
  • Recruit and train fire marshals
  • Adhere to the highway code
Recruitment of incompetent staff
  • Sensitize staff to adhere to the procedure for control of documents
  • Training of staff
  • Enhance supervision and verification of documents
Staff attrition
  • Sensitize staff to adhere to disciplinary procedures
  • Improvement of terms and conditions of service
  • Enhance staff counseling services