Promotion of HIV and AIDS prevention

Message from Co-ordinator, Epidemic & Disaster Management

The Government of Kenya recognizes that HIV and AIDS is a major obstacle in the education sector, and the impact continues to be felt at all levels. Universities, which consist of young people in the 17 -24 age bracket, are no exception. This age bracket is highly vulnerable to HIV and AIDS. However, even though young people are threatened by the epidemic, they offer the greatest hope for turning the tide against HIV and AIDS. Education, particularly on issues of HIV and AIDS, is one of the best “social vaccines” against HIV.

Kibabii University acknowledges the serious socio-economic challenges posed by HIV and AIDS. Towards the prevention of HIV and AIDS infections within the University, the Sub-AIDS Control Unit’s has the following Objectives;

  • Promotion of VCT and treatment services for HIV and AIDS
  • Promotion of HIV and AIDS prevention
  • To enhance HIV and AIDS Research
  • Strengthening coordination of HIV Activities


To achieve these objectives the AIDS Control Unit has three broad program activities.

  • Prevention and Advocacy Program Activities
  • Care and Support Program Activities
  • HIV and AIDS Research


Core Values

To undertake its mission and realize its vision, we do uphold the following values:

  • Excellence -Staff in the department shall ensure excellence in provision of service to all its clients.
  • Accountability– Staff in the department shall explain the rationale of activities done.
  • Transparency – Staff in the department shall avoid any actions that might border on any malpractice like corruption
  • Equity – Staff in the department shall ensure that there are equal opportunities for all without any form of discrimination, be it gender, race, disability, age, religion or ethnicity.
  • Professionalism– Staff in the department shall conduct themselves with decorum and adhere to professional ethics.
  • Integrity – Shall be reflected in our personal appearances, interactions and conduct.
  • Confidentiality – staff in the department shall ensure total confidentiality in provision of services to the client


Here are some of the behavior change communication groups:

  • Drama group
  • Salsa dance group
  • Mentor group/ HIV and AIDS peer educators



  • A functional VCT center open to staff, students and the community
  • A trained staff HIV and AIDS peer educators
  • Working links with APHIAPLUS and I Choose Life Africa (ICL)


Department News and Events

HIV & AIDS Students Peer Educators Training

DESCRIPTION OF THE TRAINING Peer Education is a behavior change communication process that involves carrying out mostly informal or organized educational activities with individuals or small groups of peers over

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