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Vice Chancellor attends Global Education Summit at Chandigarh University

Prof. Isaac Ipara Odeo

The Vice Chancellor Prof. Isaac Ipara Odeo attended the Global Education Summit at Chandigarh University, India from Monday 3rd October, 2022. The event brings together vice chancellors from over 50 universities and top world education leaders to discuss on educational models, new policies and future employability. The theme of the Summit is ‘International academic collaboration in education for global sustainability and innovation.’

In the current scenario of fast changing paradigm shifts in teaching, learning, pedagogy and technology, the Summit sought to engage renowned universities across world so as to keep pace with the global developments for meeting student aspirations and to draw a future road map for the new age universities.

Out of the event that draws its curtains today Wednesday 5th October 2022, the leaders shared skills, resources and ideas to improve the quality of education all over the world.

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