On Tuesday 12th March 2014 Kibabii University College celebrated its third birthday. The College opened its doors to the first batch of 333 students  on 12th March 2012. Two years down the road, one of the youngest institutions of higher learning, has realized an astronomical growth in population. The University College has a record 2300 student admitted to a rich mix of programmes at undergraduate and post graduate level including Education (Arts and Science), Natural Sciences, Commerce, Computer Science, Social Work, Information Technology and Criminology. Waiting to be rolled out are programmes in Health care and Agriculture.

Kibabii University College is located in one of the most scenic environments one can think off. Built on 70 acres of land, 7 kilometers from Bungoma Town along the Chwele road, the new University College boasts of state of the art buildings reflecting the finest architectural designs. When the last phase of the ultra modern tuition block is completed in 2015, the whole project will have cost the Government of Kenya a whooping 3 billion shillings. The attractive stadium, super modern library, cozy hostels, well equipped kitchen and spacious dining hall combined provide a conducive environment for learning.

Council has embarked on ambitious strategies to acquire, install and commission equipment for learning to compliment the admirable structures. The recent acquisition of computers is a case in point. Another is the deliberate effort to equip the library with top of the range furniture in terms of chairs, carrels and shelves as well as learning resources. Any visitor will agree that the 21st Century library adequately caters for modern learning requirements in all spheres of knowledge.

More importantly and as the University College prepares itself for the award of charter to become a full fledged University, Council has provided structures to recruit highly qualified academic and administrative staff. Most of these are young, versatile and highly qualified persons, with a number being holders of doctor of philosophy degrees. Currently Management of the University College has constituted various committees to craft policies, guidelines and regulations that are in line with the Kenya Constitution 2010 and Commission for University Education standards and regulations. All these are meant to provide a suitable environment to nurture young minds to play their rightful role in the society.

One that has refused to be discouraged by its infancy, the University College has resolved to bench mark and adopt good practice from the older institutions while avoiding templates of mistakes our bigger brothers and sisters have committed. It is in this regard that Kibabii University College has embraced IT in teaching, learning and the conduct of its activities, culminating in its ranking on the web metrics alongside giants on the Kenyan and world academic landscape.

In 2015, Kibabii University College will release its first crop of graduates into the world. We wish to say with confidence that these young men and women have been well trained. Having been injected with innovative capacity, they are ready and raring to compete with graduates from any university worth its name in the world.

We welcome you to join Kibabii where we generate knowledge with a transformational ingredient to foster innovative capacity. At Kibabii University College we pride ourselves in the wealth of resources and ideal atmosphere that will give you the opportunity to unleash your potential, realize your dreams and gain skills to drive future economic growth.