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Students Applaud the New Universities Act on Elections

The university’s amendment bill of 2016 came into effect on January 2017. The bill, which was backed by the government was a game changer to many universities which had experienced the havoc of goons and hooligans.

Kibabii University was one of the universities which for a long time and since its inception had experienced chaos because of student elections. 13th June 2017 is a day many should remember. The varsity for once conducted its SGC elections without any form of chaos and disorder. The electoral commission ensured that they delivered credible elections which favored students from all the divides.

The bill has been applauded by many students. “The universities amendment bill has been of great help to us, as it has been able to curb the national politics interference in university elections.” Said Abuta Victoria, a 3rd year Bachelors of Education student.

The gender rule has also been taken into consideration as the act dictates that the vice chairperson of the Students council must be of opposite gender of the chairperson. “For the first time we now have a lady as the Vice Chairperson of the Student Governing Council.” Said Jennifer Katila, a first year Journalism and Mass Communication student.

Students Applaud the New Universities Act on Elections

Though the campaign period was limited due to changes made in the university calendar, students for once appreciated the elections and how they were conducted. Speaking during the inauguration ceremony at the university multi-purpose hall, the student electoral commission, Mr. Raphael Mutua said, “We appreciate the students and the candidates for conducting peaceful campaigns”.

Perfect Bill

The bill, made changes to how the elections are conducted, the students in their respective electoral colleges elect delegates who will later elect the student governing council. “For the purposes of conducting the students’ election, the student association and the student governing council shall constitute itself into electoral colleges based on either, schools, faculties or departments” the bill reads in part. .

This way the bill prepares the students and student leaders for a better tomorrow by saving time during strikes due to student elections.

Prof. Odeo Ipara, the Vice Chancellor also acknowledged the students for the peace during the elections and urged them to uphold it even during other semesters.

By Anthony M. Musya
Students Applaud the New Universities Act on Elections

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