Identified Risk
Action Taken
Evidence of Action Taken
Injuries of players
  • Request for facilitation to establish sports & games infrastructures & facilities that meet the recommended standard
  • Request for facilitation to build capacity of games & sports personnel to prevent & deal with injuries
Unprecedented interruptions / students unrest
  • Planning and implementing sensitization, guidance, mentorship and counseling sessions with students
  • Requesting for financial support from the University & other agencies
  • Establishing a comprehensive selection criterion to enhance identification of the most deserving students
Inability to monitor and track the students who are away without permission
  • Liaise with academic departments to enforce the filling of the students’ leave of absence form
Doping of the players
  • Provide guidance, mentorship & counselling
  • Enforce sanction to those detected to involved themselves in doping
  • Implement Guidelines on doping sanctions
Inability to resolve conflicts
  • Request for facilitation to enable activities that promote cohesion and integration
  • Liaise with the relevant committee & agencies to promote cohesion and integration
  • Provide guidance, mentorship & counselling
Leakage of students’ confidential information
  • Carry out sensitization to staff in the Deans Office on maintaining confidentiality of information