Kibabii University

Speech of the SOKU Chairman Tyson Muranda during Inauguration on Tuesday 24th August 2021

The Vice Chancellor Professor Ipara Odeo,

The Acting Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic & Student Affairs) Professor Julius Maiyo,

Dean of Students,

University Legal Officer,

The outgoing Students’ leadership,

The incoming Students’ leadership,

Ladies and gentlemen.

First and foremost, I want to attest that it’s a blessing to be party to this assembly today. I don’t take it for granted. It’s a blessing from the Most High God. I wish to thank Him for keeping us alive and safe.

Secondly, I wish to thank all the leaders who have turned up for this auspicious event, both the outgoing and incoming Leadership.

Equally, I want to acknowledge the University Management for planning this occasion and making it a great success. You’re surely a people to be honored. Moreover, I wish to extend my special thanks to the Dean of Students Dr. Alice Mutai for her concerted efforts that have made the whole process run expeditiously. May you live long our SOKU mother.

Thirdly, allow me congratulate the outgoing leadership led by Hon. Caleb Musawa for the job well done. Though you worked under very difficult circumstances, you tried your best to offer comrades the best they deserved. You were badly hit by Covid-19 and all through your government served under harsh circumstances. The team work that you embraced was surely a great gesture of a visionary leadership. May the Lord God bless you abundantly for the selfless service you offered to Kibabii University. Your good works will forever define you and the ripples of your government’s service will spread through generations to come.

However, your successes will not meaningful unless the incoming Leadership succeeds for it’s said that YOU’RE NOT SUCCESSFUL UNTIL YOUR SUCCESSOR SUCCEEDS. It’s therefore my humble submission that all the outgoing leaders be ready to work closely with my government to deliver what is best for the comrades’ tribe.

Fourthly, I want to heartily congratulate all the seated leaders here who have taken oath of office. I know the journey was so tough for us, it was so stressful; at some point we nearly gave up but because of the resilience, determination and focus we had, we managed against all the odds to clinch our various seats after the Friday’s ballot exercise. Bravo buddies. You’re an epitome of true warriors. But allow me to remind you this my fellow leaders that being a president or any other leader is like being a jackass in a hailstorm. There’s nothing to do but to stand there and take it.

Fifth, having won the race, we’re now tasked with the responsibility of serving the comrades and Kibabii University fraternity at large with fairness and sobriety. It’s not an opportunity to relax and sit on our powers rather it’s an opportunity to defend the SOKU constitution, give the best to comrades and serve as a bridge between the administration and the comrades. It’s an opportunity defend the docile souls. It’s an opportunity to carry on the good works flagged off by the outgoing leadership. It’s an opportunity to reclaim our lost glory as comrades. It’s an opportunity to revive the spirit of comradeship that was lost long ago. It’s an opportunity sanitize the emblem of leadership. It’s an opportunity initiate meaningful dialogues with the management over the agendas that mean well for comrades.

This is not an opportunity to demolish our institution by strikes. It’s not an opportunity to brush shoulders with everyone but an opportunity to make peace with everyone.

As the incoming SOKU CHAIR I want to assure you that we’re going to make Kibabii University great again. We’re going to stage Kibabii on the global map. We’re going to soar to greater heights as a leadership and we’re going to make comrades happy again. Comrades have entrusted us with these powers to serve them well and present all their grievances to the Management for action, kindly let’s not fail them, let’s not make them shed tears of pain and desperation, let’s not disappoint them but let’s serve them selflessly for the next one Academic year.

To our able Vice Chancellor Professor Ipara Odeo, I want to promise you the best of us during our service. Please empower us and give us the opportunity to serve your sons and daughters with much ease.

To our able Dean of Students, I want to promise you that my government will always work in consultation with your office to steer forward Kibabii University to the next level. We’ll work together to serve all the interests of your sons and daughters in Kibabii University. Kindly empower my leadership and give it the best and all it deserves to serve in their various capacities.

In a nutshell, I wish to say this those successful lives are motivated by dynamic pursuits. The defining moment in a leader’s life is when they make a decision to be on a pursuit, the decision to try out new things. To my leadership I want to tell you this that to achieve something you’ve never had before then you must do something you’ve never done before. Therefore, if we wish to achieve success beyond what the outgoing leadership has achieved, we must be ready to do things differently and passionately.

Equally, let’s not forget that every failed experiment is one step close to success. I know a times things will appear tough but the word despair should never bubble on our lips. Let’s remain focused in the face of challenges and give our best.

May God bless you all, may God bless the outgoing leadership, may God bless the incoming Leadership, may God bless the Vice Chancellor, may God bless the DVC ASA, may God bless the Dean of Students, may God bless the Legal officer and may God bless Kibabii University.

Long live Kibabii University

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