Student Affairs

Sections in Students Affairs

The sections for the students’ affairs department include:

  1. Dean of students’ office
  2. Counseling
  3. Chaplaincy
  4. Games and sports


The dean of students oversees all the activities of the students’ affairs department and represents it in the academic board and any other organ at the university college level.



It is the departments’ belief that people cannot live in isolation. Students are expected to take care of one another’s interests and needs. Voluntary information should be submitted to the office of the dean of students on levels and types needs as they arise. This can be done by the affected individual or another party that has noted the need without fear of contradiction.

2. Vulnerable groups

The department purposes to ensure that all students overcome their limitations whether they are social, psychological or physical. Students meeting the fore mentioned challenges are asked to report to the dean of students. The dean of students will also go out of their way to identify such cases. Students with disabilities shall similarly be accorded assistance as shall be necessary to cater for their special needs without demeaning them.

3. Work study programme

This programme is tailored to help students in financial need to get an avenue to secure finances, basic needs while undertaking studies. The would-be beneficiaries fill prescribed forms when opportunities are advertised. The dean of students office makes assessment based on these applications and shortlists the applicants based on a set criteria. The shortlisted applicants are then interviewed on a face to face basis to verify the level of need. Scoring of the application is pitted against the scores in the verbal interview. When results are released, appeals from those who feel they were left out unfairly are reconsidered. The successful applicants are posted to various departments and get assignments of duties to perform from the various heads of departments who will also act as their supervisors.

A student is allowed to work for a maximum of four hours a day and 10 hours in a week during the normal working hours (8:00a.m to 5:00pm). Payments are processed and made forty nights by the students finance office.

4. Death and bereavement

Death is natural and unavoidable inhuman existence. In this respect a student may die while undertaking a course while at the university college or outside. Worse still, a student may lose a loved one during the course of their study.

If a student at the college during a session, the university college organizes to have representation from colleagues and staff for a limited number to attend the final rites. Before this is done, proper medical records accounting for the demise are provided/ presented to the dean of students. The dean of students then officially informs the principal who shall inform the university community about the death occurrence.Students who plan to attend the funeral must apply for transport through their patrons to the dean of students.

5. Financial aid

The dean of students’ office facilitates linkages with the higher educational loans board, county governments and constituency development fund for students in need of financial assistance. Well wishers willing to finance individual students are also encouraged to liaise with the office to make their donations.


The university college has limited space/premises for use by interest groups or organizations. Planning for meetings and other activities that require the use of lecture halls/hostels should be done in collaboration with dean of students and the timetabling section.

An application letter requiring use of such facilities should reach the dean of students’ at least three days before the day of the event.

Premises permitted for use by an interest group shall be under care of the group so permitted and it will be liable for any damage caused at the time of their use. Students are reminded to take good care of the university college property.


The Counseling section strives to achieve both personal and career development for students and staff of Kibabii University College. The section is headed by a professional students’ counselor. The counseling services seek to help students in making informed choices and developing satisfactory problem solving skills. Among the key issues handled under counseling are:

Enhancing communication
Coping with stress
Problem solving
Emotional and psychological heating
Restorative conferencing
Life skills training

The sessions are conducted for individuals and groups as scheduled. Confidentiality is not only assured but granted.

Peer counselors are also recruited and trained by the staff in the student affairs department to handle issue of concern in the students’ life while at the University College. They counsel on a number of issues ranging from interpersonal relationships, unplanned pregnancies, life skills, stress, religious issues, academic life, and alcohol and drug abuse among others. They are readily available in halls of residence and around campus.

To achieve our objectives, the following services are offered by the counseling section:-

1. One-on-one Counseling

Students and staff are taken through individual counseling to help them deal with the day- to- day challenges that could interfere with optimum performance specifically academic excellence for students

2. Group counseling

Group counseling is organized on a regular basis to ensure that students and staff are empowered in various areas of life identified from time to time. This service aims at providing knowledge and skills for more competent individuals in society

Group counseling programmes also aim at providing mentorship and coaching for students

3. Peer Education

In recognition of the power of peer influence among people, the counseling section has recruited a group of student peer educators across all years of study to work with the counselors.

The peer educators are mentored to be role models in positive behavior and to serve as a link between counselors and students for enhanced reach of counseling services to the students

4. Career Guidance and counseling

The counseling section has put in place programmes that guide students of Kibabii University College towards career paths that are competent as well as fulfilling individual ambitions and aspirations. Some of the activities are run in collaboration with the University faculties for greater impact.

5. HIV &AIDS education and counseling

The counseling section works in collaboration with the medical section of the university to undertake programmes for HIV &AIDS education, counseling and testing for a healthy and productive society. To achieve this objective, student peer educators help mobilize and reach out to students through behavior change initiatives

6. Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling and referral

The counseling section recognizes the need to put programmes in place for both students and staff of Kibabii University College to ensure the prevention and management of the drug menace.

A number of programmes are in place including the following:-

One-on-one drug addiction counseling is provided to students and staff

Group counseling and education is provided to students and staff

Support groups are in place to ensure that affected students are helped to deal with the challenge appropriately

Referral is made to the university medical clinic for cases that need medical attention

Referral is made to treatment and rehabilitation centers for cases that need rehabilitation

7. Vulnerable groups

Identified vulnerable groups of students at Kibabii University College are well taken care of by the university. The counseling section takes care of the psychosocial well being of these students to ensure that they perform optimally despite the challenges they have.

8. Hostel Visits

This service enables the counselors to meet the students in a natural setting. It facilitates identification of students with needs who lack time or are shy to come to the counseling office


The chaplaincy section ensures spiritual guidance and nurturing for students belonging to various religious groups. Currently the operational religious groups are: Catholics, protestant, seventh day Adventist and Muslim faith.

Sports and Games Office is under student affairs department, the aim of this department is to provide for learners, students and staff needs for games, health and recreation. Games provided by Kibabii university college are: soccer, netball, volleyball, basketball, hockey, handball, table tennis, lawn tennis, softball, darts, badminton, swimming both for recreation and competition. Other recreational facilities include: aerobics and fitness hiking, back backing and mountaineering athletics.

The sports motto is sports and fitness for life, our vision is to be a department that provides for health and recreational needs to all. The university is a member of the Kenya university sports association, which is affiliated to FISU and international universities sports associations.

The western conference is referred to as WEKUSA. Its’ made of seven universities namely Kibabii, Maseno, JOUST, Kabianga, Kisii, Rongo and Masinde Muliro.

The university also participates in women KUSA games which is a national event for women sports only. The university also competes in east African university games, world university games.

The sports offices are found opposite procurement department under the pavilion and the sports officer is Mr. Tom Amwanzo.

As at now May 2014, the university is the national inter-universities KUSA champions in Taekwondo western conference, western champions, all students and staff are welcomed to the department, and we intend to provide you with the support you need to enjoy your sporting needs while at the university.