Professor Isaac Ipara Odeo

Name: Professor Isaac Ipara Odeo

Vice Chancellor

Contact details:



Academic Qualification

Institution [ Date from – to ] Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained:
Moi University, Kenya, 1998-2003 Doctor of Philosophy
Kenyatta University, Kenya 1984-1986 Master of Education
University of Nairobi, Kenya, 1975-1978 Bachelor of Education

Field of Specialization

Language Education in Kiswahili

Membership of Professional Bodies

  • Vice Chancellors and Principals Association. 2013 to date
  • Organization of Social Science Research in East Africa (OSSREA)
  • Association of Third World Studies (ATWS)
  • Chama cha Kiswahili cha Taifa (CHAKITA), Kenya
  • Chama cha Kiswahili Afrika Mashariki (CHAKAMA)

Work Experience

Date from to Institution, Location (City, Country) Person Responsible To Position Responsibilities/Duties
2016 to date Kibabii University Chairman of Council Vice Chancellor
  • Carry out day to day business of the University;
  • Develop and recommend to Council short and long term strategy, business plans, annual operating budgets, and establishing proper internal monitoring control systems and procedures;
  • Coordinate and prepare business related proposals, reports and other submissions for consideration by Council;
  • Provide leadership to the employees;
  • Attend to personnel matters;
  • Ensure continuous achievement of the University’s financial and operating goals and objectives;
2013-2015 Kibabii University College Chairman of Council, Prof. Migot-Adholla Principal
  • The attainment of the Constituent College vision and mission through the implementation of the Strategic Plan;
  • Advise the Constituent College Council on development needs including student facilities, infrastructure and human capital;
  • Ensure the preparation of annual plans and estimates;
  • Ensure efficient financial management of the University including budgeting, procurement accounts and reporting;
  • Coordinate the Constituent College performance management and feedback processes based on set targets;
  • Mobilize resources to meet the needs of the Constituent College;
  • Coordinate of all programs of the Constituent College including research, outreach and linkage with industry and society as a whole;
2005-2012 MMUST, Kakamega Deputy Vice Chancellor,
Academic Affairs- Prof. Asenath Sigot
Director, School of Open Learning
  • To consider and make recommendations to Senate on all matters relating to programmes and courses, teaching, research, examinations, academic, planning and formulation of annual and other estimates of expenditure, student progress and research in the subject areas of the College, Faculty, School, Directorate, Centre, Institute, Department, Park in accordance to the requirements and standards set by the Commission for University Education;
  • To consider and recommend to Senate persons to be appointed as internal and external examiners in the College, Faculty, School, Directorate, Centre, Institute, Department, Park;
  • To regulate the conduct of examinations in the relevant subject areas and to make recommendations thereon to Senate;
  • To submit proposals to Senate for academic development and income generating activities;
    To consider and make recommendations to the Senate regarding the development plans for College, Faculty, School, Directorate, Centre, Institute, Department, Park;
  • To formulate the development and the strategic plans and make recommendations in respect of annual and other estimates of expenditure in the College, Faculty, School, Directorate, Centre, Institute, Department, Park to budget committee;
  • To receive and consider recommendations on matters affecting the teaching of students from Departmental Boards; and
  • To consider and report on any matters referred to it by Senate.
2004-2005 MMUST, Kakamega Dean Faculty of Education: Prof. Aggrey Simiyu Chairman of Department of Language and Literature Education
  • Articulate and implement the mission and objectives of the Department;
  • Convene and chair Departmental Board meetings;
  • Represent the Department in the Faculty, School, Institute, Centre or Board, Senate and other bodies of the College as required;
  • Plan and budget for the Department;
  • Create linkages and partnerships;
  • Prepare the Departmental Reports;
  • Be the Chief Examiner of the Department;
  • Manage the academic programmes in the Department as required by Senate.
  • Supervise academic and other staff of the Department; and
  • Make recommendations with respect to discipline, probation, advancement and promotion of academic staff within the Department.
1988-2003 Moi University, Eldoret Chairman of Department: Prof. Robert Mambo; Prof. Patrick Kafu Lecturer
  • Teaching
  • Examining
  • Supervising undergraduate projects
  • Research
  • Academic advisory and mentoring
  • Coordinating conferences and examinations
  • Time/tabling Coordinator
1978-1987 Kuria-Migori; Kemeloi-Kapsabet; Kaimosi-Kakamega; Siriba-Kisumu; Headmaster/Principal Teacher,Teacher,Tutor,Lecturer
  • Teaching
  • Examining
  • Guidance/ Counselling/Mentoring
  • Administrative responsibilities

Professional Research Interest

  • Emerging trends in higher education
  • Language ecology

Research Experience and Funds Attracted

Year Position in Project Responsibilities/Duties Research/Project Title Amount (?, €, $, KES)
2014 Investigator Factors Affecting Performance in Public Examinations at Primary School Level in Bungoma County Factors Affecting Performance in Public Examinations at Primary School Level in Bungoma County 300,000.00
2014 Principal Investigator The Origin and development of Kibabii University College The Origin and Development of Kibabii University College 300,000.00
2007 Principal Investigator Attitudinal and Linguistic Factors that Define Street Community A study of Street Children in Urban Centres of Western Province of Kenya 300,000.00
2002 Investigator Developing and Marketing Community Tourism Around the Kakamega Forest Potentials, Opportunities and Challenges 1.5M
2002 Investigator Coordinating research assistants, analyzing data and writing report Public University Reform in Kenya Mapping the Key Changes of the Last Decade, a Case of Moi University 2M


Year Position in Consultancy Team Responsibilities/Duties Consultancy/Project Title Amount (?, €, $, KES)
2010 Main Consultant Coordinating translation exercise and quality assurance Translating Citizens Service Charter for Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology 100,000.00
2010   Lead consultant Training of Trainers for Bukura Agricultural College 1,000.000.00
2010 Member Member of panel, Kenya National Examinations Council Moderating draft examination questions 1,000,000.00
2009 Principal Consultant Reviewing and writing report Status of Kamusi Kamili ya Kiswahili, by Longhorn Publishers for Oxford University Press 300,000.00
2008 Kenya National Examinations Council, Nairobi Moderating draft examination questions
2008 Main Consultant Reviewing and writing Assessment Kiswahili Dictionary Manuscript for Baraza la Kiswahili la Zanzibar
2006 Kenya National Examinations Council, Nairobi Moderating draft examination questions
2003 Co-trainer Training of Trainers ToT for Revised and Rationalized Secondary School Kiswahili Syllabus, Kisumu 150,000.00
2002 Member of the panel Design of the Revised Secondary School Kiswahili Syllabus Revised Secondary School Kiswahili Syllabus 1,600,000.00

Selected Publications 2015-2018: Books and Book Chapters

  • Moses Wasike na Isaac Ipara Odeo, 2018: “Masuala Ibuka katika Masomo ya Kiswahili katika Shule za Sekondari: Mfano wa Maudhui kutoka Nyimbo za Kizazi Kipya”. In Isimu na Fasihi ya Lugha za Kiafrika. Eldoret. Moi University Press. ISBN: 978-9966-1879-7-0
  • Moses Wamalwa na Isaac Ipara Odeo, 2018: “Matumizi ya Nyimbo za Kizazi Kipya kama Mbinu ya Kufundishia Masuala Ibuka katika Shule za Upili Nchini Kenya”. In Isimu na Fasihi ya Lugha za Kiafrika. Eldoret. Moi University Press. ISBN: 978-9966-1879-7-0
  • Odeo, I.I. & Wamalwa, E.W. 2017:” Mchango wa Marehemu Profesa Naomi Luchera Shitemi katika Kuendeleza Taaluma ya Kiswahili Nchini Kenya”. Katika Kandagor, M., Ogechi, N. & Vierke, C. Lugha na Fasihi katika Karne ya Ishirini na Moja. Eldoret. Moi University Press. ISBN: 978-9966-1879-6-3
  • Odeo, I. I. 2017: “Challenges Facing New Kenyan Higher Education Institutions: The Case of Kibabii University.” In Proceedings of Kibabii University 2nd international Interdisciplinary Conference 2017. ISBN: 978-9966-59-011-4
  • Kiango, J.G., Lodhi A.Y. Ipara I. and Nassir A. 2016: Kamusi Sanifu ya Msingi. Oxford University Press. ISBN 978 019 573306 8
  • Waititu F.G and Ipara, I.O. 2015. Kiswahili Fasaha Book 4(Pupil’s). Oxford University Press: Nairobi.2nd Edition. ISBN 978 19 5732855 3
  • Waititu F.G., Ipara, I.O., Vuzo, A.M. and Okaalo, B. 2015. Kiswahili Fasaha Book 3 (Pupil’s,). Oxford University Press: Nairobi. 2nd Edition. ISBN 978 019 5742305

Selected Publications 2015-2018: Scientific Articles Published in Refereed Journals

  1. Oluoch, J.S., Ipara, I.O. and Kobia, J.M. Ambiguity in translation of metaphors: A case of Dholuo and Kiswahili. African Journal of Education, Science and Technology, December, 2014 Vol 2, No1 pp182-190.ISSN: 2309-9240
  2. Agessa, D.K. & Odeo, I.I. 2017: Kiswahili na Sera ya Elimu katika Shule za Sekondari Nchini Kenya. Jarida la Idara ya Kiswahili na Lugha Nyingine za Kiafrika. Chuo Kikuu cha Moi. Juzuu 1 Na.1 uk. 1-8. ISSN: 2412-6993 pp 3-12