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KIBU Council Meets Governor to Cement Relations with County Government of Bungoma

As Kibabii University seeks to grow exponentially in its infrastructural capacity, staff, faculty and student population, it is the responsibility of the University Council to continually engage key stakeholders in delivering this mandate. Bungoma County Government, a key stakeholder played host to the University Council on January 21st 2021. The delegation led by the Chairman of Council Dr. Ernest Mwangi Njoroge was received by the Bungoma County Executive led by H.E. Governor Wycliffe Wafula Wangamati.

Dr. Njoroge expressed his admiration for the County Government for the support given to the University. The County Government has incorporated Kibabii University in the Chebyuk water project funded by KOICA as well as allocated perks of land to aid expansion of the University to accommodate new programmes. The Chairman expressed his optimism in continued partnership that will see the two institutions mutually benefit in uplifting the lives of the learners and the community.

“We do not have enough words to thank this County Government. The land donated to us in Sang’alo and Kopsiro in Mt. Elgon will realize immense growth in our capacity to deliver our research objectives geared towards fulfilling the National Government’s Big Four agenda. We request for finalization of documentation of these important donations to ensure the University starts to put them to proper utilization,” Dr. Njoroge said.

In his remarks, Governor Wangamati promised to finalize the pending documentations within a period of two (2) months. He commended the University for noble initiatives like the endowment fund and subsidies given to teachers advancing their education and promised his support to the needy students endowment fund that was initiated by Kibabii University Chancellor and President of the Republic of Kenya, H.E. Uhuru Kenyatta. In his address during the 4th Graduation of Kibabii University in December 2019, the President had promised a startup personal contribution of Kes. 5 million and challenged the University and other stakeholders to fill-up by fundraising to ensure needy students are supported.

In this regard, Governor Wangamati undertook to hasten the passing of the County Government Needy Students Policy at the County Assembly to ensure sufficient funds are allocated towards needy students’ support.

“I want to promise Kibabii University that I will endeavor to have the policy passed in Cabinet to see how much we can set aside towards the endowment fund. My challenge to the University is to come together and work with the County Government to ensure a School of Medicine is established within the County. This will ensure our doctors are trained from within and at an affordable cost,” He said.

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