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“Journalism is my tribe, truth is our policy”
Background information

2014 September was the year when the first batch of students to be admitted by the University to pursue Journalism and Mass Communication joined. Fueled by the desire to have an organization which would help them develop their skills apart from class work, they came up with idea of forming a club. Although, their dream at the time didn’t bear any fruit, 2015 would be their year. The journalism club was established and became fully registered by the varsity. Since then the club has grown and achieved a lot since its inception.

Fundamental principles of the club
  • Impartiality. No discrimination to nationality, race, religious beliefs, class or political opinions. It endeavors to give priority to the most urgent cases of public interest.
  • Neutrality. In line with the Journalism code of conduct, the club will not take any sides in hostilities or engages at any time in controversies of political, racial, or ideological nature.
  • Voluntary service. The movement is a voluntary organisation not prompted in any manner or by anyway by the desire to gain.
The journalism club has the following aims and objectives;
  • To inform, educate and entertain Kibabii University community through informative and constructive activities.
  • To promote cohesion and integration among its members and Kibabii University community at large.
  • Promote journalism ethics and professionalism amongst its members.
  • Encourage and nurture talent among Kibabii University community.
The journalism club will liaise with other similar clubs or other clubs with similar ambitions in order to share ideas and sharpen the skills of its members.

The club membership is based on two frameworks, the full membership and associate membership frameworks respectively. Anyone can be a member of the club as long as they admitted by Kibabii University to partake a course in journalism and Mass communication and or other students admitted by the University who are willing to abide by the rules and regulations of the club as stipulated in the club’s constitution. Associate membership is open to, Part (full) members of the club and or Willing members of the university staff (both teaching & non-teaching).

Those members who don’t belong to any of the above but who are constantly and willingly identify with the Club provided that the members are full or associate, shall be members. Full members shall be registered upon payment of one hundred shilling (100) any time in the course of the academic year in the University preferably within the first two weeks of the commencement of the academic year. Associate members shall be registered upon the payment of one hundred and fifty shillings (150) at any time of the academic year.

The club has diverse activities which are carried out by the members to help develop their journalistic skills.
  • News writing
  • News reporting
  • Photography
  • Talk show hasting and presentation
  • Video editing
  • Audio editing
  • Text editing
  • Graphics and design
Media of dissemination
  1. Print media
  2. Broadcast media (audio and visual)
  3. Digital media (YouTube and other social media platforms)

In 2017, the club has realized a great achievement. Linus Kaikai, NMG general manager promised to partner with the club and the department of journalism in general. This will enable the students realize their dream and passion in the honorable profession.


We would like to appreciate the Kibabii University administration for their support, students, non- teaching staff and partners for making the dream of the Journalism Club come true. Many thanks and God bless you.

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