Promotion of HIV and AIDS prevention

History of Epidemic & Disaster Management Department

HIV and AIDS are a worldwide problem and constitute a pandemic which has been with Kenyans from the early 1980s. The Government declared the epidemic a national disaster in 1999 and is spending substantial resources to fight the epidemic.

The pandemic has permeated all areas of society without regard to race, religion, gender, age or academic qualification. This therefore calls for concerted efforts by everyone, not only to manage the pandemic, but also try to significantly reduce the menace from amongst us.At Kibabii University, the Sub-AIDS Control Unit (ACU), a sub-unit of the Commission for University Education (CUE), has been in existence since November, 2013. The unit is operating as an AIDS intervention program for both staff and students.

From the time the epidemic started, the emphasis by the Government and other organizations and institutions of higher learning, has been for its prevention and/ or elimination. This led to conception of the ACU by the Commission for University Education (CUE). In recognition of the emphasis made so as to prevent and or eliminate the effect of HIV and AIDS, “the KIBU Work and Study Place Policy on HIV and AIDS” has been established as a guideline in ensuring, among other things, that the University ACU runs smoothly. This document is put in place because we believe a Programme of such magnitude must not falter or be allowed to run haphazardly.

We believe that with the Wellness Programmes now having been established, the University-based Sub-AIDS Control Unit will be more focused, operating within a specific legal framework. We look forward to all concerned to cooperate, coordinate and consult, where necessary, in ensuring that our Sub-AIDS Control Unit is a success story.