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Blocked Subsequent Loan Application Form 2019/2020

A background check to ascertain authenticity and integrity of information which applicants provide during loan application was conducted and it was discovered that the students as detailed on the attached document provided untruthful information on parental occupation and income. Consequently, the students have been blocked from accessing subsequent application for 2019/2020 loan as per the pop up in the HELB portal Website.

 The Flagged IDs [Attached] will therefore not access the Subsequent Loan Applications 2019-2020 but will instead be met by the above stated proposed pop up message. The same flagged IDs(students) will still not automatically access the First Time Loan Application Form 2019-2020 but MAY instead be allowed access after the deadline.

In the event that the student feels he/she was erroneously flagged, the process to be un-flagged is as follows:

  1. Student to provide a copy of the respective Loan Application Form [LAF]
  2. Copy of LAF must confirmed by the respective Dean of Students [DoS]
  3. DoS to certify any/all documentary proof
  4. Student to submit the LAF copy to HELB [Student Service Centre & Select Huduma Centres]
  5. HELB will then verify the provided information approved for un-flagging and access to 2019-2020 subsequent Loan Application Form.


It is important to note that according to the HELB Act Section 13 any applicant (person) who gives false information is liable to a fine of Kshs. 30,000 and imprisonment of upto 6 months.

You are therefore advised accordingly and requested to embrace integrity during the loan application process as verification of parental occupation and income will continue to enable the Higher Education Loans Board give loans to deserving students and as per their level of need.

Download: Flagged IDs

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