To be the best organization having HIV and AIDS free generation in the world.
Campaigning for positive behavior change throughout the society and maintain an open forum for AIDS discussions by organizing AIDS awareness events.

The AIDS Control Unit works hand in hand with the Anti-AIDS Club. The club has 73 registered members. It also has active behavior change groups and a constitution that governs us.

  • Promote VCT and treatment services for HIV and AIDS and STI’s among students
  • To promote HIV and AIDS prevention through engaging in education for behavior change among students and vulnerable groups.
  • To promote condom use among students.
  • Participate in National and County HIV and AIDS events
  • To engage in awareness programs especially in areas of health environment and education.
  • Facilitate seminars organized within university and its environs therefore assist to disseminate knowledge to others.
  • To instill positive moral values to peers in the society.
  • To provide life skills and knowledge and foster positive attitude in facing and dealing with daily challenges

HIV and AIDS Peer Educators

It consists of two:

  1. Staff HIV and AIDS peer educators
  2. Students HIV and AIDS peer educators
Staff HIV and AIDS Peer Educators

Consists of 25 trained staff

Specific Objectives
  • To equip the staff at workplace with life skill lessons concerning HIV and AIDS
  • To ensure the staff develop positive health seeking behaviours
  • Help educate peers on issues concerning HIV and AIDS
Students HIV and AIDS Peer Educators

Consists of 50 trained Peer Educators