To achieve these objectives the AIDS Control Unit has three broad program activities.

  1. Prevention and Advocacy
  2. Prevention and advocacy ensures that a comprehensive prevention program that is culturally sensitive and appropriate is implemented using external implementing partners where appropriate. This involves creation of HIV and AIDS awareness and promotion of positive cultural and behavioral change among the staff and students of KIBU. Specific activities include:

      • Education and awareness activities that will ensure in-depth information to both students and staff, their spouses, and their families on HIV and AIDS, STI’s and related topics in events like Shuga screening and reproductive health week
      • Easily available and accessible male and female condoms to all students, staff their spouses and other family members.
      • Recruitment and training of staff and student HIV and AIDS peer educators ( for information dissemination and sustainability).
      • Establishing pre- and post- test support groups (both within KIBU and in the external community) to effectively deal with issues of stigma and discrimination.
      • Provision of information on safe sex practices to staff and students.
  3. Care and Support
  4. Comprehensive care of the infected and affected calls for a collaborative approach involving various stakeholders. Thus through partnerships with implementing partners including government agencies, the AIDS Control Unit provides care and support services to the infected and affected students and staff.
    Specifically the Care and Support activities include;

      1. Provision and promotion of VCT services
      2. Establishment of HIV and AIDS Club
      3. Establishment of appropriate linkages, networks and referral systems for comprehensive care and support
      4. Strengthening of the KIBU Health Facility specifically the VCT center.
      5. Facilitation of the formation of support groups and networks for staff and students living with HIV and AIDS
  5. HIV and AIDS Research
  6. The AIDS Control Unit plans to establish links with other key research stakeholders to conduct research related to HIV and AIDS and provide relevant and evidence-based information to guide planning, decision-making and resource mobilization and allocation on matters regarding KIBU’s response to HIV and AIDS.
    Specific activities will include:

      1. Review of literature related to HIV and AIDS in the developing and developed countries with a focus to levels of HIV prevalence in work and study places, vulnerability, education access and quality, the effectiveness of prevention, care and support programmes, and work and study places.
      2. Conducting empirical research studies related to HIV and AIDS. Special attention will be given to research studies on the impact of HIV and AIDS for KIBU and her community.
      3. Sourcing for and production of Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials as a back up to information dissemination activities.
      4. Writing proposals for resource mobilization to fund ACU programme activities.

All research will be conducted in accordance with internationally accepted ethical standards and scientific principles, and with respect for the rights, privacy and confidentiality of every person involved.


  1. A functional VCT center open to staff, students and the community
  2. A trained staff and students HIV and AIDS peer educators
  3. Working links with APHIAPLUS and I Choose Life Africa (ICL)

ACU Program Activities