ICT Champions

ICT champions in a Webometrics meeting on 11th April, 2017

PPOA Training

During the PPOA training for the university and Bungoma county staff

Students being Served

Students clearing their fee balances in Finance Office before sitting for their end semester exams

Stock Taking in the Central Stores

Stock taking being done in the central stores of procurement department in preparation for closure of final accounts for year 2014/2015

Car Parking

Capital Development Projects in the University The 60 cars capacity central car parking in the university

Oxidation Ponds

The new oxidation ponds to serve a design population of 12,000 students


The new incinerator built under the Oxidation Ponds project. This is being used to manage wastes from the ponds and the university health clinic

Underground Rain Water Tank

The newly completed 180,000 liter underground rain water tank in the university to boost the water storage capacity