Culture is what defines all human beings, and as the old Kiswahili adage warns, “Mwacha Mila ni mtumwa,” it is good to find our ‘roots’ once in a while. The Kibabii University fraternity realizes the importance of culture and hence it has planned to hold a cultural week as from 10th to 14th May 2017.

Taking into consideration that culture is one of the social dynamics that promotes national cohesion, the exchanges and traditional exhibitions during the event will serve as a platform to achieve and promote national unity.

Kibabii University holds the cultural week in the second semester of every academic year during this event, students engage in different activities and presentations which include; traditional displays involving different communities, beauty contest, talent search and sporting activities. Individual students and groups expected to present during the event normally engage in thorough preparations ahead of the D-day.

One of the breathtaking part of this event is the cultural aspect where different groups of students from diverse ethnic backgrounds are given an opportunity to present their traditional dances, songs, attires, food, herbs, drinks etc. Kibabii University is comprised of nearly all the 42 tribes of Kenya thereby making it a hub of diverse cultures.

The communities that are expected to present during the event include; The Abagusii, Maasai,Teso, Kalenjin, Meru, Kikuyu,Luo, Turkana,Pokot, Bukusu among others.

By Ocholla Philips

2017 Cultural Week Preparations

Our Culture Our Pride. Doing it the Luo Way.

Practice makes perfect. This old adage seems to be on the center stage of Kibabii University’s cultural week preparations. Students from various ethnic communities in the institution are involved in thorough preparations a head of cultural week which is scheduled to be held from 10th to 14th this month.

Songs, dances, traditional food and drinks are some of the items expected to be exhibited during the event.  Donn Ouma, a student and a member of the Luo community said that, they (Kibabii University Luo community) are ready to showcase and share the abundance of their culture with the Kibabii University fraternity.

“We will present, wend arus (Luo traditional wedding song), dudu (Luo traditional fox song), nago lak (traditional initiation song) and tero buru (traditional burial ceremony song), which is normally performed during and after burial to appease the spirit of the dead.” Explained Mr. Ouma.

Also the community is preparing to exhibit their traditional dishes which include; Obambla (dried fish), Aliya (dried fish), osuga, susa, and their traditional liquor (Andiwo).

Kibabii university cultural week, is an event that is normally organized by the institution in the second semester of every academic to give the students an opportunity to share their culture and also learn the norms of other communities. The event is also meant to give the students an opportunity to demonstrate their talents through sub-events like; talent-night and the cultural week sporting events.

By Keter Steve & Ocholla Philips

2017 Cultural Week Preparations

Time to find Our Roots. Inside Bukusu Culture

As the Kibabii University cultural week celebrations approaches, students from various ethnic communities within the institution are preparing to show case the depth of their culture during the event.

The Bukusu community, which is one of the largest community in the varsity, has promised to give the comrades a treat during the event. According to Robert Barasa, the community’s spokesperson in the institution, his group is adequately prepared to show the Kibabii University community the richness of Bukusu culture.

“We are ready to perform traditional songs and dances purely in Bukusu language and we will be wearing our traditional outfit associated with the songs and dances. Also, we will exhibit our traditional vegetables, which include: chisakha, mrenda and chinderema. Ugali will also be there.” Said an exited Mr. Barasa.

As a rare treat, the community is ready to perform two dances which are associated with sacred ceremonies in the community. First will be the Kamabeka dance, which according to Mr Barasa, is normally performed at the end of every year where different clans within the community come together to showcase their talents.

Secondly will be the Sioyayo song and dance, this according to Mr. Barasa, is a very sacred song which is considered to be the center of the Bukusu culture. “Sioyayo is the center of our Bukusu culture, it was first performed to Mango, the founder of our traditions” said Mr. Barasa. He also insisted that the song/dance is only performed during the circumcision ceremony.

The community has also promised to prepare large quantities of their traditional liquor (Busaa). “Busaa will be in plenty, I invite all comrades to come and share our culture during this period” urged Mr. Barasa.

Bukusu community will be one of the communities that will be presenting during the Kibabii University cultural week event that is scheduled to be held from 10th to 14th may this year.

By Keter Steve.

2017 Cultural Week Preparations

Inside The Kipsgis Culture.

It is a race against time in Kibabii University, as students rush to make adequate preparations a head of cultural week which is scheduled to be held from 10th to 14th this month.

The Kibabii University Kipsigis community are engaging in rigorous preparations ahead of the highly anticipated day.

Mr. Collins Koech, the Kipsigis students’ group coordinator, gave a brief history about their origin. “We (Kipsigis) originated from South Sudan and we entered Kenya through Uganda. Currently we occupy the Rift Valley highlands. That is Kericho and Bomet counties.” Explained Mr. Koech.

The coordinator promised that the community is going to deliver the best cultural presentations in the history of the varsity. “This time round we will deliver the best ever, we are prepared to perform our traditional songs and dances which include; Tienwogik`ab tumdo (initiation songs), Tienwogik’ab koito (Marriage songs) and many others” said Mr. Koech.

Also the Kipsigis are planning to stage their traditional food and drinks. This includes; kimyet`ab beek, sagek`,chelwanda, rongorik and busaa.

Like other Kalenjin communities, livestock especially cattle is the center of the Kipsigis culture. Therefore according to Mr. Koech Mursik (sour milk) will be in plenty.

Mr. Koech, also urged the students to share, learn and appreciate other communities culture during this period. He also invited the Kibabii University fraternity to come and share the Kipsigis culture.

By Keter Steve.
2017 Cultural Week Preparations

In My Father’s Home Days Are Over.

“Engo wa papa chinyanga chawa.” This is a bombshell in form of a folk song the Bumula sub county students are preparing to drop during the cultural week event.

The Kibabii university cultural week which is scheduled to be held from 10th this month will see students from various counties and sub counties present their cultural facets.

According to Bumula sub county student’s association spokesperson Mr. Julius Khakina this will give them an opportunity to display the inside of the Bukusu culture. ‘’ However, there are other items that we will present jointly with our counterparts from the larger Bungoma county region in the Bukusu culture’’ added Mr. Khakina.

He also gave a brief outline of the items which they intend to present during the event. These include; songs in form of twisty -zilizopendwa, a Bukusu poem entitled luswa (poor role model). He also added that they will be presenting a folk song entitled engo wa papa chinyinga chawa (In my Father’s home days are over).

Mr. Julius also emphasized on the importance of the cultural week and said that this is an important event that brings different communities in Kibabii University to share cultures and appreciate our diversity. He welcomes the whole Kibabii fraternity to witness the Bumula sub community present their items.

By Samwel Oyondi.
2017 Cultural Week Preparations