Vice Chancellor’s Speeches

Speech by the Vice Chancellor Presented during the Virtual Orientation of Freshers

For the last two weeks different officers have welcomed you to KIBU. Today is the peak. All of us are putting our voices together to say a thunderous welcome. Your admission to KIBU is an earned and deserved opportunity. Your admission is a result of your hard work and good performance at KCSE. Earning a place at Kibabii is not an easy matter. The competition is stiff. You should count yourself privileged to study here. Why? Read more

Pre-recorded Speech by the Vice Chancellor Presented during the Orientation of Freshers

In a very special way, I wish to welcome the 2020 First Year Students popularly referred to as freshmen to Kibabii University. I want to start by paraphrasing Charles Darwin (1809-1882) by saying, it is not the strong or clever who survive but rather those who are resilient, embrace innovation and are ready for transformation. Read more

Vice Chancellor’s Opening Remarks during the Virtual Orientation of First Year Students 2020/2021 Academic Year on 14th September, 2020

It is with immense pleasure that I welcome you all to Kibabii University, a premier University that is committed to scholarly excellence. It is a new University that prides itself on ultra-modern infrastructure, serene landscape and excellent staff.Read more

Hotuba Ya Makamu Mkuu Wa Chuo Kikuu Wakati Wa Ufunguzi Wa Tamasha La Juma La Uelekezi Wa Ajira Na Utamaduni Kwenye Ukumbi Cha Tarehe 12 Jumatano Februari 2020

Kati ya nchi zilizoshuhudia maendeleo makubwa ya kiuchumi, kisiasa, kijamii na kiteknolojia ni zile za bara Asia zikiwemo Japani, Malaysia na Korea Kusini. Uchumi wa nchi hizi sasa hivi unatishia ule wa miamba kama Amerika, Ujerumani na nchi nyingine zilizoendelea kiuchumi. Vyuo vikuu vyao ni kati ya vile ambavyo huchukua nafasi za mbele katika orodha ya vyuo vikuu bora duniani. Nchi hizi zilikuwa katika kiwango sawa cha maendeleo na Kenya na nchi jirani katika ukanda wa Afrika Mashariki miaka ya 1965 hadi 1970. Sababu kubwa ya maendeleo haya ya haraka si utamaduni tu bali ni uanuai wa utamaduni wao. Yaani uwezo wa kukopa sifa za tamaduni mbalimbali ili kuimarisha wao. Read more

Vice Chancellor’s Speech Presented during the Orientation for Freshers on 17th September, 2019

Let me start by congratulating you for the hard work whose outcome was the quality grades which earned you a place in the University. It should be stated with emphasis that this was achieved in an increasingly competitive academic environment. I am aware that you have been going through an elaborate induction program. The purpose is to prepare you adequately to cope with this new life. The life of academia that involves serious intellectual rigor. What you become however will depend on how seriously you take the content you have been exposed to during this last one week. Read more

Vice Chancellor’s Speech Made on the Occasion of Appreciating Team that Won NRF Infrastructure Grant for ICT Funding on Thursday 7th March, 2019

I Welcome you to this celebration. It is one of the many memorable ceremonies we have had. Three key words thread through our vision, mission and objectives: These are technology and innovation arched under the key one, research. These constitute the DNA that characterizes KIBU. Research leads to discovery of new knowledge that facilitates new technology which in turn leads to innovations that make life easier, cheaper and better. Take case of Super markets. Read more

Presentation by the Vice Chancellor Made during Kibabii University Students Leaders Induction on Monday 3rd December 2018

Leadership has been there from time immemorial. It is a critical aspect of social interaction. All societies in the eight continents in the world have had leaders at different times and levels. As a result, there have been different explanations with regard to where leadership originates from and who prompts it. Some say leadership is an art, others say it is talent. There are those who say it is a science. Yet others believe leadership is from God. Read more

Vice Chancellor’s Speech Presented During The Orientation Of Freshmen On 13th September, 2018

We have assembled here to celebrate an extraordinary event. That of inducting you into the world of academia. This is because you embody the future. You are the people that Kenya and indeed the rest of the world has hope. It is therefore a special day. Moreover, like Hemingway wrote in his favorite book: “Today is only one day in all the days that will ever be. But what will happen in all the other days that ever come can depend on what you do today”. That is why speaking to a special group like you on a day like this is always a precious and singular honor for me. Read more

Message by the Vice Chancellor Prof. Ipara Odeo On Research and Innovation Culture at Kibabii University (KIBU)

Kibabii University’s philosophy, vision and mission demonstrate the importance placed upon research and related activities in the University. As a matter of fact, one of the major functions of the University is to “participate in the research, transmission and preservation and enhancement of knowledge and to stimulate the intellect participation of staff and students in the economic, social, cultural, scientific and technological development of society”. The University endeavors to achieve this goal, through promotion of the role of the University as a primary source of research and innovation through strategic partnerships, training, mentorship, and community outreach programs anchored on a solid foundation of research culture in the University.
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Orientation Speech Delivered to Freshmen on Tuesday 12th September 2017

We are gathered here for a very important activity. One that marks the end of your orientation programme and has ut-most significance to you today and in your entire life. The freshmen who give this function the seriousness it deserves have never gone wrong. Thank you for your presence. My remarks today are based on the fact that university students find themselves in trouble because they know so little about themselves. In the last two weeks, Kenya had a chance to show case one of its most important resource, the human resource in the form of its sons and daughters who won elective positions as Governors, Senators, Women Representatives, Members of Parliament and Members of County Assemblies. Even Kibabii had four of its former and current students on the list of elected and nominated MCAs.
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Vice Chancellors Message April 2017

The second semester 2016/2017 academic year has been as distorted as it has been exciting. Ordinarily the semester comes to a close in the first week of May, but the end will this time round come at the end of June 2017. The Semester is normally busy and the fact that many activities did not take place as earlier scheduled means the two months ahead of us are packed with both academic and a plethora of other events. Notable of these are games, athletics as well as cultural and careers week. While the drama festival has ended, we look forward to music in August 2017. Read more

Vice Chancellor’s Speech Delivered during Orientation of Fresher’s on 6th September, 2016

I wish to take this enviable moment and singular privilege to welcome you to Kibabii University. It is an occasion that deserves celebration. What else can a head of institution do after receiving 2000 plus students who excelled in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education examination; famed to be one of the toughest in the world. Read more

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Orientation for Freshers 2015/2016 Academic Year

I wish to welcome you to Kibabii University College, one among the youngest higher education institutions at just three and a half years of age. The mandate of this young College is to generate new knowledge through research and direct it to the transformation of society. This is in tandem with our mantra: Education for development. We take pride in imparting functional knowledge that can ignite positive change and transform personal life as well as the society in economic, social, cultural, spiritual and intellectual dimensions. Education has profound effect on dismantling impediments to social equality. You are all here as equals and partners thanks to what you possess between your ears. Kibabii is therefore a place not for the chosen but those who have chosen it as an arena to mould their future. Read more

VC’s Message 2014

On Tuesday 12th March 2014 Kibabii University College celebrated its third birthday. The College opened its doors to the first batch of 333 students  on 12th March 2012. Two years down the road, one of the youngest institutions of higher learning, has realized an astronomical growth in population. The University College has a record 2300 student admitted to a rich mix of programmes at undergraduate and post graduate level including Education (Arts and Science), Natural Sciences, Commerce, Computer Science, Social Work, Information Technology and Criminology. Waiting to be rolled out are programmes in Health care and Agriculture.
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