Speech by the Vice Chancellor Presented during the Virtual Orientation of Freshers
The Deputy Vice Chancellors,

Registrars and Deputy Registrars,

Deans and Directors,

CoDs and HoDs,

Faculty and staff,

Student Leaders, and

In a very special way, the New Students; The Freshmen.


For the last two weeks different officers have welcomed you to KIBU. Today is the peak. All of us are putting our voices together to say a thunderous welcome.

Your admission to KIBU is an earned and deserved opportunity. Your admission is a result of your hard work and good performance at KCSE.

Earning a place at Kibabii is not an easy matter. The competition is stiff. You should count yourself privileged to study here. Why?

  • The only University where the Chancellor is His Excellency Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta C.G.H., President of the Republic of Kenya and Commander-in-Chief of the Defence Forces.
  • Was recently listed number 15 among 127 universities and colleges in Kenya in webometric ranking.
  • Boasts of new infrastructure.
  • Has spectacular landscaping manifested in fabulous green lawns.
  • It is among universities that have embraced technology in teaching and learning including the only data centre in the region.
  • Highly qualified and supportive staff.

Today is a historical occasion for three reasons. One, you are admitted to University, the most critical phase of your life as an independent young adult. Two, you are joining a University without stepping at the University. Three, you are going to do your learning online. We are doing this for our safety and to save life.  That is why we have been giving you guidance to enable you cope.

The great scientist Charles Darwin once said: It is not the strongest of the species that survives. Nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. We can paraphrase this to be: it is not strongest, intelligent or the smartest who will succeed during this period, but those who possess the following three elements:

Resilience: This is the ability to withstand difficult events in life and adjust easily and quickly to change.

Innovation: Create ways of doing things including learning.

Transformation: be ready to embrace change in your way of thinking.

Four years from today, we shall meet again to award you degrees. But not everybody achieves that. While to achieve this when things are normal is difficult, doing so during this abnormal times is a challenge. If you adhere to the following you have high chances of succeeding:

  • Sharpen your IT skills and competencies;
  • Gather as much information as possible;
  • Focus on your target, objectives;
  • Manage time;
  • Collaboration: Furthest and nearest;
  • Independent minded;
  • Budget;
  • Very important Character; Guided by our own values:

Excellency-quality. The aim is to produce well trained graduates.

  • Accountability and transparency: At KIBU we embrace openness, fairness and responsibility.
  • Social responsibility: We serve the community and respond to problems affecting society.
  • Integrity: At KIBU we have high regard for law and ethical behaviour in all actions. The culture of honesty, truthfulness and reliability stands out.
  • Academic freedom: We foster inquiring mind, critical thought, free and independent thinking and reflective reasoning.

Speech by the Vice Chancellor Presented during the Virtual Orientation of Freshers
Remember wherever you are, you are a student of KIBU. Carry that image. Our ambassador.

Today as is always our practice, we shall share a cake as a symbol of a strong family bond. All said, I am optimistic that one day all this agony will be over and that you shall physically come to your University. I guarantee you a grand reception complete with multi-tier cake.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to KIBU, your new virtual home away from home for the next four years. I wish you the very best. May God bless you all.

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