We remain dedicated to maintaining a focus on meeting our clients needs by delivering the superior service they expect

Transport Service Charter

The service charter is an undertaking or covenant made to stakeholders about the services they expect to get from our department while discharging it’s duties. The charter is made to create awareness on our role as a department, give insights on our core activities and values, provide information on the range of services we offer, the standards we have set, stakeholders expectations and feedback in pursuit of stakeholders satisfaction and excellence in our operations.

The service charter is a working tool that is meant to facilitate, better understanding of our services including putting our department and our stakeholders at the forefront. It should be therefore used alongside other operational instruments such as the strategic plan, quality objectives and other guidelines and procedures as maybe laid down by the department and the University from time to time.

Services Offered

Transport and Garage department is responsible for provision of transport services, and maintenance of all University motor vehicles. The department is aware that our customers depend on us to approach their transportation and motor vehicle repair needs from a comprehensive perspective, implementing solutions that meet their customised needs and deliver the superior service they expect.

Our mandate is:
  • Management of transport operations
  • Coordination of Motor vehicle repairs
  • Implementation of transport policies
  • Assesment of University transport needs and identifying required motor vehicles
  • Coordination of procurement of new motor vehicles and disposal of old ones
  • Development of technical specifications of procurement needs
  • Identification of staff needs for recruitment and training
  • Job allocation to staff in transport department
  • Ensuring a safe and clean working environment in the working areas and in motor vehicles