Identified Risk
Action Taken
Evidence of Action Taken
Reputational Risk
  • Adhere to the credit transfer policy
  • Hire and carry out continuous on job training
  • Equipping the laboratories
  • Enhanced budget allocation for laboratory materials
  • Employ adequate technical staff
  • Adhere to professionalism and approved budget
  • Introduction a fine to graduate students who delay to complete their studies
  • Deregistration of post graduate students
Students cheating in examinations
  • Synchronize timetabling of courses and room allocation to ensure students attend classes
  • Hire more full-time teaching staff
  • Review the evaluation tool
  • Each lecture room should have adequate lecture seats
Injuries in the Laboratories
  • Creating awareness and sanctions
  • Timely reporting and immediate repair
  • Strict adherence to maintenance schedule
Disruption of Learning
  • Synchronizing timetabling, course allocation and commencement of lectures
  • Adherence to the regulations and statutes
Delayed completion of studies
  • Strict enforcement of university academic regulations
  • University to seek for alternative ways to support bright and needy students
Missing marks
  • Elaborate orientation of students
  • Hire more academic staff
  • Prompt payment of part time lecturers
Loss of examination records
  • Provision of appropriate storage facilities
  • Hire adequate personnel
  • Capacity build – training of staff on records management
Examination Leakage
  • Provide appropriate facilities
  • Capacity building
  • Enforce electronic and physical security
  • Enforce sanctions
  • Enforcement of the rules and regulations
  • Hire adequate teaching staff
  • Capacity building
  • Provision of original required identification document
Inability to account for students
  • Capacity building