The roadmap is a brief overview of what the directorate of ICT aspires to follow so as to enable the University meet it’s core function of management of the education function, in teaching, research and dissemination of knowledge in this era of information . This draft will be enriched through discussions in various meetings such as the ICT implementation committee. For each item the status has been highlighted and the priority of each indicated. High priorities are items that should be in place and necessary to unclog the system.

Item No.DescriptionStatusPriority
1Present Status

  • ICT directorate is in place
  • ICT Committee is in place
  • Infrastructure partly developed
  • Equipment partly in place
  • Personnel partially staffed
  • Facilitation in the process

  • structured cabling in place
  • servers in place but ac conditioner not in place
  • last mile radio link
  • Connectivity
  • In place –requires testing
  • Installed by Feb 2014
  • Partially installed
  • Wireless link by January 2014 .
  • Cable network later

  • Receive the Website from contractor
  • Train personnel on website
  • Upload documents
  • Web metrics
  • Personnel email
  • Link to other sites
  • Portals
  • The website has been handed over to Directorate of ICT
  • Partial training has been done
  • On going
  • The university has been ranked but more to be done
  • A significant number have email account but dormant. Registration to continue and awareness training
  • On going
  • Ongoing

  • On line student registration
  • Library
  • HRM
  • Finance management system
  • Education management system
  • Student management system
  • Inventory
  • hostel
Not done Low
5Embedding ICT into programs

  • e- learning
  • module development
  • e- content
Not Done Low
6ICT Policy

  • Computer use
  • Privacy & monitoring
  • Security
  • Backup & recovery
  • BYOD
Not Done High
7ICT Awareness

  • Capacity building
  • ICT security
Not Done Low

Roadmap of ICT in Kibabii University