DVC Academics and Students Affairs
Prof. Solomon I. Shibairo
DVC (Academics and Students Affairs)
Kibabii University

Prof. Solomon I. Shibairo is an Associate- Professor of Horticulture. He went to Tinderet Primary School in 1968, then to Kemeloi High School in Nandi County where he sat for The East African Certificate of Education in 1978 and then proceeded to Kericho High School and sat for the Kenya Advanced Certificate if Education. He attended the University of Nairobi and graduated with Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (BSc (Agric)) honours degree in 1985. He attained a Master of Science (MSc (Agronomy) from The University of Nairobi in 1989, before being awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy of The University of British Columbia in 1996.

Prof. Shibairo has taught and researched in both Agronomy and Horticulture and specializes in post harvest biotechnology. His major research goal is to develop strategies to mitigate food and nutrition insecurity, malnutrition, and poverty alleviation and wealth creation among small scale farmers. To this end he managed to win, in collaboration with others, many research grants of over Kshs. 100 million and continue to expect more. He has supervised over 32 Masters and 9 PhD students in his discipline and published 51 peer reviewed papers and one book chapter. Among the several funded projects and publications include;

Funded Projects:

  1. 2012- From KAPAP as Principal investigator. Cassava Post-harvest Value Addition for Improved Food and Nutrition Security and better Livelihoods in Kenya. Ksh. 30, 000, 000.
  2. 2112- From RUFORUM. Co-Investigator. Evaluation of genetic diversity and health promoting bioactive compounds in Cleome gyanandra (Spider plant) produced under different production systems and agro-ecological conditions in Kenya. $ 60, 000
  3. 2011 Principal Investigator. Screening finger millet for production and nutrient content to improve livelihoods of small–scale farmers in drought prone areas of Eastern Province of Kenya. Sponsored by RUFORUM. $59,930.
  4. 2010 Co investigator in programme.“Enhancing Kenya’s food security in the face of climate change through increased potato productivity”. Funded by National Council of Science and Technology (NCST). Kshs 7 000 000
  5. 2008-2012: Prepare PhD project. Funded by EDULINK of EU.
  6. 2002-2006:. Team member on the KARI- Potato Seed Tuber Sprouting project.
Key Publications:


  1. Ambuko Jane, Yumbya Mueni Penina, Shibairo Solomon and Owino Willis Omondi 2014. Efficacy of 1-Methylcyclopropene in Purple Passion Fruit (Passiflora edulis Sims) as Affected by Dosage and Maturity Stage. Int. J. of Postharvest Technology and Innovation. Accepted for publication.kK


  1. Lung’aho, C., G. Chemining’wa, S. Shibairo and M. Hutchinson. 2012. Dynamics of on-farm management of potato (Solanum tuberosum) cultivars in Central Kenya. African Journal of Agricultural Research. 7(17): 2701-2712, Available online at http://www.academicjournals.org/AJAR.
  2. Onyango, C., J. Harbinson, J. K. Imungi, S. Shibairo and O. van Kooten 2012. Influence of organic and mineral fertilization on germination, leaf nitrogen, nitrate accumulation and yield of vegetable amaranth


  1. Magomere, T.O., S.D., Obukosia, E.,Mutitu, C., Ngichabe, F.,Olubayo and S.,Shibairo 2009. Molecular characterization of Candidatus Liberibacter species/strains causing huanglongbing disease of citrus in Kenya. Electronic Journal of Biotechnology, 12: 1-13.


  1. S.I. Shibairo, P. Demo, J.N. Kabira, P. Gildemacher, E. Gachango, M. Menza, R.O. Nyankanga, G.N. Chemining’wa and R.D. Narla. 2006. The effects of gibberellic acid (GA3) on sprouting and quality of potato seed tubers in diffused light and pit storage conditions. Journal of Biological Sciences, 6 (4): 723-733.


  1. Mutonyi, J., Shibairo S.I., Chemining’wa, G.N., Olubayo, F.O., Nyongesa, H.W. and Konje, M. M. 2004. Effects of N and K fertilization of sugarcane (Saccharum oficinarum) on acrisols in western Kenya. Elixir Agriculture 67 (2014) 21669-21675. Accepted for publication.
  2. Shibairo, S.I., Mutonyi, J, Chemining’wa, G.N, Olubayo, F.O, Nyongesa, H.W and Konje, M. M. 2004. Effects of agricultural lime and phosphorus application to sugarcane on acid acrisols in western kenya”. Globals Science Research Journal.

Prior to his current administrative appointment, as Deputy Principal (Academics, Research and Extension) at Kibabii University College, Prof. Shibairo served as Section Head of Crop Science unit of University of Nairobi and as Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture of University of Nairobi for two terms. He also acted on several occasions as Principal of the College of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences (CAVS). At the wider University level he has served in various committees including, the University Management Board sub-committee in reviewing medical terms and conditions for staff, one to develop the Open Access Policy and as a member of senate sub-committee reviewing the University Research Policy. He has wide experience in development and implementation of Strategic Planning, Performance Contract and the ISO process.

Prof. Shibairo, has also worked for our great government in various capacities. From July, 1987 to September, 1988, he worked at Bukura Institute of Agriculture teaching Crop Production Course and as Head of Research for Technical Assistants for the Ministry of Agriculture. In 1985, he orked for the ministry of Agriculture as District Farm manager of the then Keiyo-Marakwet District. Currently He is a member of the National Task Force of Horticulture.

Prof. Shibairo has also served as a consultant for several organizations. He is a member of various professional bodies among them The Horticultural Association of Kenya and the Agricultural Society of Kenya.