Kibabii University

Oginda Fred

Joining KIBU was one of the best things that ever happened in my life, reason being, this great institution gave me the chance to discover myself, to know exactly what I wanted in my life. It is in KIBU that I learnt that fighting for the rights of others is more important than just taking a day off with a girlfriend in a good hotel, it is from KIBU that I discovered that I can be a great motivational speaker, an activist, a politician, a great teacher who transform lives and above all great leader who creates an impact in any society.

A message to all KIBU students, work for your dream and let KIBU help you to discover what you want in your life because in is the alma mater.

Campus life may be challenging at times in terms of finances, upkeep fee or if you are a politician and an activist like me you may not agree with some of policies set by the administration but trust the process always stand for what you believe is right and above all keep your integrity high.

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