Kibabii University

Makarios W. Masakha

BCom Graduate class of 2016, SGC Chairman 2015/16.

Currently Master’s of Audit student, Nanjing Audit University, China.

Being part of the earlier entrances to the University, it was a little bit hard to put up with, accept and speak out to multitudes that yes, you are in a university, a university with then less than 800 students. A moment when, every single movement by each could be monitored by then security officer, not by use of technology, but by physical sight. A moment when, classes could be held comfortably in the current Administration Boardroom as well as Academic board meeting on in the other room, no one could ever imagine stepping out and standing tall, But look! Here we are all over the world, contributing immensely to the building of the nation.

Kibabii University is indeed a great institution that fully bakes, moulds and shapes one into what the world needs. I am grateful in that my stay at the University imparted varied elements in me, ranging from academics, with whose foundation has accorded me a rare opportunity into a peculiar institution of audit in China, leadership, seizing opportunities, and socializing spirit. It’s worth noting that the energy expressed by the university management, the community and students, is solely what has led to great scaling of the University.

It’s unbelievable that Kibabii University stands at its current top ranking, a university whose infrastructural development is utmost modernized, with just 8 years in existence. The future is guaranteed great for the university, and promising to stand top the globe. As Alumni, we need to accord it the maximum support we can in our capacities to see that our alma mater flags so high in all its fields.

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