Kibabii University

Dr. Richard Kipkemoi Ronoh

I think of a graduate program as a place to learn, try, and miss a number of times, until finally you try and succeed. This process only happens if there is a supporting team that not only encourages you to try but also values your misses (in my opinion this is what research is all about). In this sense KIBU is a unique place. There is a saying – ‘To learn with the aim of becoming one’s teacher, to behave with the aim of becoming one’s role model’. Coming to KIBU to pursue my PhD was one of the most important decisions I have made and I am glad that I did. The PhD programme has provided me with great opportunities to conduct research across disciplines. Additionally the programme has given me incredible freedom and support to explore my intellectual interest. Faculty members, regardless of their research areas of specialization, were always there to lend a helping hand and provide advice.

I am so fortunate to have graduated with my PhD in Information Technology at Kibabii University. The level of care and interaction I received from the School of Computing and Informatics and across academic disciplines, helped prepare me to be a good colleague at my academic placement and was personally enriching.

As a PhD graduate from KIBU, I can say that this University has provided me with the chance to explore an array of different possibilities and choices for my future, most of which I would not have been aware of without being a student in it. Moreover, KIBU’s continual dedication and commitment to improve the quality of services to students, is what makes it so distinguished. For these I want to sincerely thank my two able supervisors Prof. Franklin Wabwoba and Dr. Samuel Mbugua for always been ready to lend a helping hand whenever I needed one. The entire academic journey had provided me with an excellent foundation to build a rewarding career and a happy life. As a research based University, I had to do a good amount of research which was a very positive educational experience for me. Finally, I am very grateful for KIBU’s help and support in getting to where I am today.

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