Mr. Wasike Charles Kituni
Central Services Section

Central Services, a section under the Administration Department of KIBU fully operationalized its services after the appointment of its head in July 2015.Currently the section is headed by an Assistant Registrar, and has one clerk ; nine casual employees. Central Services operations cuts across all departments within the University and works like an engine that drives all other departments.

The section is charged with the responsibility of cleaning offices, lecture rooms, hostels, library, laboratories and all other common facilities. Currently the University has outsourced the service and has contracted Kims Kisika Multipurpose Suppliers Ltd that is providing the service. Central Services in this context oversees the cleaning by doing supervisory work. The section compiles a monthly and quarterly report about the cleaning situation in the University and submits it to the Deputy Principal (PA&F).This has kept most of the facilities clean despite the challenge of water that has occasionally affected the cleaning service.

Central Servicesis also charged with the responsibility of provision and maintenance of furniture and equipment in offices, lecture rooms, laboratories, hostels, catering facilities among others. Currently we are a having a shortage of lecture chairs but the University is in the process of fabricating chairs and soon it will be a challenge of the past.

It also ensures that boardrooms for meetings are booked and prepared as required. This is done by maintaining a Meeting Booking Register that ensures that meetings of different groups do not clash at the same venues.

Central Services also coordinates transport services in the University. This ensures that all departments that require transport services are assisted to realize their mandate. Other services offered include but not limited to:

  1. Deployment of and maintenance of a database for casuals’ wages and other benefits for casual workers.
  2. Receiving, examining and processing bills for onward submission to the Finance department for settlement:
    • Water and conservancy
    • Electricity
    • University rented premises
    • Telephone.
  3. Ensuring Cleaners, Messengers, grounds men etc. are supplied with required protective clothing, uniforms and working tools.

The section currently has a shortage of staff like messengers and grounds men and it is our hope that once employed, will go a long way in improving the services and operations of central services and other related departments in the University.

Ongoing fabrication of lecture chairs requested by the Central Services Section